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  • 04/17/12 06:45 AM
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    Finding your community


    The forums are an excellent place to get started with any questions you may have. Our expert base of users can provide answers to your problems very quickly. Just be sure to return the favor when you spot someone struggling with a problem you already know how to solve!

    Let's get started - How would you characterize yourself?

    I'm a beginner
    I'm the technical type - I like the programming and engineering aspects of game development
    I'm the creative type - I am interested in the creative elements of games such as music and art
    I'm the business type - I want to know and discuss more of the business production, sales, and legal aspects of game development
    I want to socialize, announce projects, or recruit people for my own project

    Are you a beginner?

    • For Beginners - Plan on spending some time here before visiting the other forums if you are new to game development.

      Are you the technical type?

      • Artiificial Intelligence - All aspects of AI programming and theory
      • DirectX and XNA - Questions and discussion regarding all official technologies under Microsoft's XNA branding (e.g. Direct3D and XNA Game Studio Express) as well as any unofficial and 3rd-party libraries supporting DirectX or XNA (e.g. SlimDX, tools and plugins)
      • Game Programming - This forum covers generic game programming topics not handled by more specific forums
      • Graphics Programming and Theory - All aspects of non-API specific 2D and 3D graphics programming and theory.
      • General Programming - The place for discussing programming issues not related to games.
      • OpenGL - Questions specific to the OpenGL API belong here.
      • Multiplayer and Network Programming - Multiplayer programming and networking in games.
      • Math and Physics - Discussion of math and physics, primarily as they apply to games.
      • Mobile and Console Development - For discussion of game development related to iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms as well as questions specific to the Wii, XBox 360, PS3 or other consoles.
      • API and Tools - For the discussion of APIs such as Unity, CryEngine, SDL, Allegro, FMod, OpenAL, ODE, Ogre, CrystalSpace. Also covered are scripting languages such as Lua, Python, etc., as well as game-specific scripting languages like UnrealScript.

        Are you the creative type?

        • Game Design - Game design discussion
        • Visual Arts - From 2D to 3D, all about creating art for games
        • Music and Sound - The artistic side of creating game music and sound effects.
        • Writing for Games - Forum for creative criticism, idea exchange, and instruction in the art of writing for games

          Are you the business type?

          • Breaking into the Industry - Talk about breaking into the industry, how and where to find jobs, getting an education in games, and other career-related questions and topics.
          • Business and Law - Discuss business and legal issues related to game development.
          • Production and Management - Discuss all that is involved with producing a game and managing a team

            Do you want to socialize, announce projects, or recruit people for your own projects?

            • GDNet Lounge - Chat about anything you feel like, but keep it mature and civil. It does not have to be about game development, but it should be about something; i.e. don't post JUST to post.
            • Your Announcements - Make your web site or game project known to everyone. If you're going to spam our board, this is the place to do it!

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