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  • 04/18/13 03:18 PM
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    Reputation System Point Breakdown


    Michael Tanczos
    Your goal hopefully is the same as our goal: use this special place that we developers have here to help each other as much as possible. This means starting to adopt a mentality that we all do our best to do what is good for the community. GameDev.net was created over 10 years ago by a rag tag group of people with the idea that it is the COMMUNITY that can lift each other up, help one another, create articles and share information. The reputation system is going to begin to award members points for different actions on the site and especially those that benefit the community at large.

    [font=Arial][background=transparent]As a member you'll be able to earn points for basic site participation activities, for posting helpful replies in the forums, policing the community using moderator actions, and ESPECIALLY for authoring tutorials and helpful blog posts. [/background][/font]

    [color=#000000][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][font=Arial][background=transparent]Points are split into 4 categories:[/background][/font][/font][/color]

    • [color=#000000][font=Arial]Scholar - Any up/down votes you receive from posts in the technical, business, or creative forums will be added to the scholar category.[/font][/color]
    • [color=#000000][font=Arial]Moderator - Points given for moderator actions (activities such as submitting moderator reports, voting on content, providing feedback, etc)[/font][/color]
    • [color=#000000][font=Arial]Author - Points given to authors who write articles, get them peer reviewed, get articles favorited, etc. This is where people can pick up a lot of rep points if they get an article granted with a peer-reviewed status[/font][/color]
    • [color=#000000][font=Arial]Participation - Points given for everyday site activities - logging in, up/downvoting others, even signing up![/font][/color]

      [color=#000000][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][font=Arial][background=transparent]These 4 categories will combine to create your overall reputation number on the site.[/background][/font][/font][/color]

      [color=#b22222]Below is a listing of our list of ways to earn reputation. At the moment only those items with an asterisk are active. While this list is by no means final, it should serve as an idea for members as to how reputation can be earned.[/color] Some key terminology:
      • Default Amount - this is how many points a member will earn as a result of this action (note that a negative amount can be applied to rescind an original transaction)
      • Max Per Day - this is the maximum number of times this action can be taken for points, it is NOT the number of points you can earn per day
      • Max Amount - this is the maximum number of times this action can be taken for points over the lifetime of your account [color=#800000][font=Arial]

        [background=transparent]Participation Points[/background]

        [/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial]

        [background=transparent]Rewarded for actions taken around the website in general[/background]

        Title Default Amount Max Per Day Max Amount
        Sign up for site * 100 1 1
        Sign up for GDNet+ 100 1 1
        Login * 1 1 inf
        Opt-in to Newsletter 50 1 1
        Post an abusive / spammy message

        If a post of yours is reported to a moderator and a moderator approves the report, you will suffer a point hit for the offending post *note that this is still under consideration

        -20 inf inf

        [background=transparent]Moderator Points[/background]

        [/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial]

        [background=transparent]Rewarded for actions that involve policing the community or reviewing content[/background]

        Title Default Amount Max Per Day Max Amount
        Report Post to Moderator *

        Use the "Report" feature of posts and comments to flag inappropriate items for moderator review

        5 100 inf0
        Moderator resolves report * 10 inf inf
        Moderator rejects report *

        Moderators review all submitted reports. A report can either be marked "completed" or deleted altogether. Only blatantly false or spammy reports will be deleted.

        -10 inf inf
        Vote and Comment on Article

        Vote on an un-reviewed article and offer constructive criticism (requires both a vote AND a comment, can only be done once per article)

        5 inf inf

        [background=transparent]Scholar Points[/background]

        [/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial]

        [background=transparent]Rewarded for actions that work to benefit the knowledge of community members[/background]

        Title Default Amount Max Per Day Max Amount
        Legacy Point System Transfer *

        Points transferred from the old reputation system

        1 0 0
        Your topic is bookmarked * 3 inf inf
        Your post is upvoted/downvoted *

        Additional scholar points are added/removed based off of the reputation of the user doing the rating - the higher their rating, the more they contribute

        1/-1 inf inf
        Bookmark a topic 1 50 inf
        Your Reply is Marked as Answer 15 inf inf

        [background=transparent]Author Points[/background]

        [/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial]

        [background=transparent]Rewarded for actions that create content for the community to learn from[/background]

        Title Default Amount Max Per Day Max Amount
        Submit an article *

        Submit a full article for editing

        15 5
        Article Content Approved *

        A content moderator has taken a look at your submitted article and approved it for the community to begin viewing

        100 inf inf
        Article Granted "Peer Reviewed" Status *

        The article you submitted was not only approved for initial publication, but is in good enough form to be considered "Peer Reviewed"

        Create a journal entry 10 1
        Your content is voted up/down

        Additional points are added/removed based off the reputation of the user doing the rating of the user's article or journal post

        4/-1 inf
        Your content is commented on 1 25
        Write a book review 15 5
        Submit an IOTD 10 1
        Your IOTD is featured 15 1

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    User Feedback

    1: "Report Post to Moderator" has "Max Amount" of "inf0" instead of "inf".


    2: Why are there no asterisks in the "Author" category? Surely some of these things are active. On this line, is the list really up to date?


    3: Maybe mention the fact that post upvote/downvote points are showed in the reputation history as +/-3, even though they may be more/less than this.

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