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    • By jamesmh
      Hey everyone, my first post because I’m curious about the tools that other game developers and writers use to make their stories.
      I currently work as a writer in an Australian game studio. I have a background in writing and developing stories for Films and TV but I’ve found the switch to game writing to be challenging and increasingly time consuming. We have been experimenting with different techniques for writing outside the writer’s room pen and paper stuff, particularly different ways of visualising or modelling stories, potential character arcs etc. I was wondering if anyone has used any software or tools they recommend?
    • By Cara Lu
      I am a business school student but I really don't like those banking or consulting stuff. To be honest I was planning to go to a design school but my parents rejected it.
      I am good at painting but how can a foreigner have an art design job without a related degree. ( I'm from China and the industry there is really disappointing you know)
      Maybe I can start from some backstage support jobs?
      Please, give me some advice. Very appreciated! 
    • By Andrew Choi
      NPC Design
      Greetings, everyone! I'm trying to find examples of NPC design and how they immediately show signs of danger or neutrality. If you could post an image or reference to an NPC with a brief description on how the design reflects the NPC's hostile or passive nature, that would be great!
      My NPC Examples
      Hollow Knight - Elderbug (passive)

      Although the game has some more exotic townies down the line, the first passive character in Hollow Knight bares a resemblance to the player. This is in contrast to how the starting NPCs encountered are spiky, crawling hostile creatures. The sudden introduction of a more familiar face is what alerts the player of passivity (or at least some new type of NPC). 
      God of War 4 - General Enemies (hostile)

      This happens with the majority of third person combat-based games, but God of War's inclusion of an enemy health bar typically gives away that the NPC can be damaged and is, in fact, a hostile NPC.
      Zelda 2 - Townies (passive)

      Passive NPCs are located in towns. Hostile NPCs are located outside of town. Easy to understand.
      Minecraft - Zombie (hostile)

      Simple example of hostility. People are aware that zombies are a threat. Details like the "burr" sounds and green skin immediately alerts the player of this.
      Preferred Examples
      It would be nice if you found...
      -unique examples that don't involve graphical design (i.e., not just another spiky enemy)
      -NPCs that may trick you into believing they're passive or hostile
      -NPC design that reflects a level of hostility rather than a simple "hostile/passive" binary
      Happy posting!
    • By william.equal
      Hi everyone,

      "Game Audio Lookout" is a series on how music and sound design in games work. I started out as a YouTube channel, but switched to a Medium blog now. Feel free to have a look at my current collection of articles:

      Furthermore I started a new blog series calls "Audio Essentials" where I talk about audio-related basic things. The first article is about how the compositional process works and can be found here:

      Any feedback and suggestions on wishes for future articles is appreciated!

    • By kalydos
      A bit of an awkward title but hello, I'm Isabella and I'm fairly young (16) but I wish to find fellow like minded people to get together with me to create a team. I've created a game before in a team using RPG Maker VX as well as Game Maker Studio and I have fiddled around with Unity and Ren'py by myself. As the title says I'm more of an artist, writer, and designer and I can easily work off of other ideas and cooperate in a team and help coordinate the team. Types of games I wish to create are limitless, I already have some ideas in my mind such as a guild adventure game but I wish to work with others not only to help with my weak points and help them but to also have the experience of working with others. I'm not looking for 100% professionalism in everything (we all do make mistakes after all and have our personalities). I am of course looking for people who work well in a team as well as people who are able to work in different time zones. I am GMT-4 and I can work well around time differences. Discord will be used to communicate.
      Requirements: (*= important)
      *Familiarity with programming/basically a programmer
      *Familiarity with audio/sfx
      -Familiarity with animation
      -Familiarity with overall design
      -Experience with writing
      Currently I am by myself and have no one on board as of yet. I hope to create a small team. Please message me on discord at kalydos#0726 if you are interested (link me this post and introduce yourself as well as comment on this)

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