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  • 01/19/13 03:14 AM
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    How to find gaming jobs in six seconds

    Game Design and Theory

    Vik Long

    Yoh has been following the interactive entertainment market for some time now and as our latest infographic shows, developers in the space have great opportunities right now and employers are seeing heavy competition for the best and the brightest. To highlight this, Yoh launched a new contest via Vine and concurrent with the start of E3 in Los Angeles to find the hottest developers out there.

    Yoh's #ShowYohStuff Vine contest invites game designers, visual artists, programmers, audio/sound designers, producers, or marketers to post a six-second Vine video to showcase their skills. It can be anything from an entire portfolio to a perfectly rendered blade of animated grass waving in the wind. We want to see, and want potential employers out there to see, what makes you a hot commodity in the video game development world. Here's how:

    1. Take a six second video with Vine on (Available for iOS or Android)
    2. Tag your video with #ShowYohStuff and post it to Vine and Twitter
    3. Go to www.yoh.com/gaming to vote for your entry and share it across your social network
    4. Keep an eye on the leader board


    The landscape of video game development has radically changed over the past five years, and with these changes, companies need to be more creative with how they source their talent and game developers can take greater control over how they represent their work. Vine is the latest and perhaps best social media platform to best enable quick communication of creative mastery. After all it's not just about what's on your resume; it's about who you are as a developer, what you bring to the table both in skills and attitude, and how you fit with the gigs employers have available. Vine can capture this all in just six seconds.

    For employers who need to recruit highly-skilled developers, the game has changed (pun intended). Technology has exploded into the corporate boardrooms across America and with it has come changes in the way companies recruit. Posting jobs and waiting for resumes has been replaced by interactive community building that is focused on engaging and understanding the creative mind.

    As I like to say, game developers are not searching for your job ads. They are looking for games, products, companies and assignments that are of interest to them. It's about plugging into the mind of the developer to see what makes them tick and creating an environment that engages them and encourages them to create worlds no one has seen before.

    So if you think you're one of the top video game developers on the planet, or one of the hottest designers, visual artists, programmers, sound designers, producers, or marketers, then here's your chance to #ShowYohStuff to us. Film a Vine that showcases the best of your creative talent in six seconds or less. Post it with the hashtag #ShowYohStuff, and then head over to the contest site at http://www.yoh.com/gaming to share your entry with friends. Visitors can vote for their favorite Vines until July 11, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.

    Six finalists will be chosen based on the number of votes they've received. The Yoh Interactive team, led by me (Vik Long -- a long-time veteran of the video game industry), will then evaluate the finalists and select one winner and two runners up. Beyond the bragging rights, the overall winner will receive an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Runners up will receive an Ouya game console. In addition, the three winners will be interviewed and featured on Yoh's Seamless Workforce blog.

    If you need some inspiration, check out this article on Fast Company with some great examples of how Vine is allowing creative professionals to make their six-second masterpieces.

    We can't wait to see what you come up with. As any developer will tell you, six seconds can be a lifetime in the gaming world. We're looking for that perfect six seconds that shows the world what makes you the best.


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