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    • By dawebster
      Hello everyone,
      My name is Dominic Webster and I am currently in my last 5 months of the BS degree in game development and programming. My biggest interest in games has always been the worlds inside them. When watching movies or TV shows you get to see incredible worlds, but inside video games not only do you see them, but you experience them. For my first post I want to know what makes a good level to you? When looking at a large open world and a small more traditional level, does the criteria of a good level change? Or are there specific criteria that need to be in any level to make it good? Finally, what are your favorite levels and worlds in video games?
      For me, my favorite worlds are Red Dead Redemption, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Inside, and Celeste. These worlds are all so unique and handle level design in their own way. Inside created one level. If you don’t die in the game, the game has no loading screens, and you can walk through the whole game. Celeste has unique short levels with loads of character, and design. The precision needed to complete a level is incredible, not to mention the precision needed to complete a B-side level or to obtain all the strawberries. RDR and BOTW are vast worlds, and you know what part of the map you are in based on your surroundings. RDR feels lived in and has dynamic weather, whereas in BOTW you can go anywhere you can see.
      One final question. If you are currently a level designer, what advice do you have to me and any other person looking to get into this specialization?
    • By NicholasCorbin
      Hello everyone,
      I am currently attending college with a specialization in game programming and development. With the end of my courses coming near, it's about time I reached out to a legitimate game developer forum for knowledge and advice on a variety of topics. The topic I would like to discuss, which is also the one that has grabbed my attention recently, is audio design in games. As we all know, audio is an important aspect of the overall gaming experience. The questions I have are as follows:
      The Playstation 5 is planning on having "3D Audio" built-in without external hardware. Assuming this works similar to something like Dolby Atmos, but more accessible, what with this mean for audio design in the future? Many game dev teams are already tasked with developing for multiple platforms, how will this new technology effect multi-platform development? Will this only be utilized for Playstation 5 exclusives? Footstep audio in player versus player experiences: how much is too much? Many games with pvp experiences place an emphasis on the user character footstep audio over other characters footstep audio. In my experience, this makes finding other players to fight (in the context of a confined space with many areas to hide) a exercise of "stop, listen, and go" to locate them. Theoretically, would increasing enemy footstep audio lead to quicker engagements on the battlefield? Though over-tuning this might be harmful for gamers who are overtly-sensitive of hearing. Voiced in-game elements for the sake of accessibility: worth the cost? I have two brothers with cerebral palsy who play games often, as it's one of the only things they can engage with. Their hearing is great, though they have an extremely hard time reading in-game text that aren't voiced (i.e. in-game items and quest descriptions). Would having something similar to Microsoft Sam read out these elements be worth implementing? Text-to-speech licenses as low as $99 a month exist, which is lower than what I expected.  
      Thanks for reading!
    • By ProceduralInc
      Join Esri’s Dominik Tarolli and Pixar’s Nathan Fariss to learn how to build the cities of Pixar’s blockbuster “Incredibles 2”. You are invited to this exclusive webinar, presented by VES, on July 26, 2019 at 11 am PDT. Learn more: http://bit.ly/ves_esri_webinar_2019

    • By marcus12

      We are a small Indie Game studio and developing a FPS game for PC platform. The game is in pre-production stage and the team consist of programmer, designer, character artist/animator, writer and music composer.

      We are looking for additional Game Designer and a Level Designer who are interested in shooting games and want to evolve something interesting in present genre of these type of games. This is a revenue share project.

      More details and progress of the work will be shared with interested candidates.

      Kindly share your portfolio while applying. You can PM or contact through social media.

    • By Tulip-Toucan
      I'm a designer newbie looking to team up with other fellow newbies to create an Elder Scrolls inspired RPG called Ogera: Land of Shadows. Someone who can work with either 2D or 3D graphics and knows a program called Stencyl or Godot is a plus. 
      Info for the game - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CoqyOfc8stg6XP-7nklOitiRg8wBRutSDy0ZeOboACQ/edit?usp=sharing
      Contact me through Discord at claire#2922 if you wish to help.

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