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  • 08/20/17 04:57 PM
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    Planescape CRPG Last Rites Product Review Pack

    Game Design and Theory


    Last Rites is an isometric role-playing game that takes place in TSR’s Planescape setting. It uses the Bioware Forgotten Realms engine with Interplay artists supplying the Planescape ambiance and feel. The player creates a single character. Over the course of the game, the player picks and chooses a series of allies (pals and romantic interests) to join his party and allow him to kick ass more efficiently. The maximum party size at any one time is five.

    Download: Torment_Vision_Statement_1997.pdf


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    User Feedback

    That's awesome, maybe the golden age of cRpgs will return some time, but now it's clear that we're not even close to the level of *this*... (think Tides of Numenara...)

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