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  • 01/12/01 05:16 PM
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    The Future of RPG

    Game Design and Theory

    Myopic Rhino
    I am sure that some of you out there who are visiting this page are unaware of what The Future of RPG's is. Simply put, it is a conglomeration of many thoughts and notions to come out of the Game Design Corner at GameDev.Net, and even recently from the Game Writing Forum too. There are many bright young designers and developers that frequent those forums who have many bright and new ideas that really do have a chance of making an impact. It all comes down to scope and reason. There are certain ideas that will be relevant to a specific game, but many ideas that would be totally displaced if used in the same game.

    This document is here as a guide for developers, designers and writers alike to look through as many ideas at once as possible. The ideas have been categorized into sections that add to ease of parsing. The document is usually kept up to date, especially when there are more ideas put forward and there is more time for these ideas to be covered. I keep 3 file formats, and a browsing style of the document for ease of download and browsing pleasure. Feel free to download your favourite style or format of the document and I hope that it will be useful and rewarding to you as it has been to me.

    The web site is currently on version 00.06.00alpha. It is currently more up to date than the other documents. Time will slowly bring the others up to speed.

    The Future of RPGs - Web Site. Recommended for Internet Browsing
    The Future of RPGs - Web Site Zipped. (See attached resource)

    These formats of the document are currently lagging a little bit behind in that they are back in version 00.05.??. Given a little time the update will be complete. The web version is mainly having a face lift to make it a little easier to navigate. Last word count was 27, 462, but that is on the transitional document towards v00.06.00alpha.

    The Future of RPGs - Word97 Format (See attached resource)
    The Future of RPGs - Rich Text Format (See attached resource)
    The Future of RPGs - Word97 generated HTML. Not recommended for browsing (See attached resource)

    This project has been a very rewarding one for me as a developer and an avid user of GameDev.Net, and Game Programming and Development sites in general. I hope that if you find something that is disagreeable in it then you will contact me ([email="dwarfsoft@crosswinds.net"]dwarfsoft@crosswinds.net[/email]) as soon as possible. Happy reading and I wish you all the luck in your Game related ventures. May you code for many days and your code contain no bugs.

    Cheers, Chris Bennett
    (aka Dwarfsoft)

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