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  • 12/17/14 03:14 AM
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    A* Pathfinding Tutorial with Unity

    General and Gameplay Programming

    Hi , Im trying to write code a my Procedural Platformer Game , but i have no idea where to start. Ive looked up A* Pathfinding in general, but i cant seem to find A* Pathfinding with Procedural Platformer Levels. That is, jumping from platform to platform. So would anyone give me some pointers as to how to approach this problem ? That is, taking into the account of the: - Enemies Physics ( Gravity , Acceleration, Speed ) - Enemies jumping from platform to platform How would i be coding it different for a normal A* Pathfinding and a Procedural Level. Link for A* Pathfinding Tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFt_AvWsXl0cq5Umv3pMC9SPnKjfp9eGW Link for Procedural Level - http://ashblue.github.io/pathfinding-platformer/

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