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  • 11/06/15 02:12 AM
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    Code for Game Developers: Optimization

    General and Gameplay Programming

    • Posted By BSVino
    Code for Game Developers is another take on Math for Game Developers - a weekly instructional YouTube series starting from the basics of a concept and working up towards more complex topics. In the case of this video series, after laying out the foundation of optimization you will learn about:
    • Amdahl's Law
    • Big O notation
    • Cache Levels
    • Binary Search
    • Hash Tables
    • CPU optimizations
    If you have questions about the topics covered or requests for future topics, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment, or ask me on my Twitter, @VinoBS
    The video below contains the playlist for all the videos in this series, which can be accessed via the playlist icon at the top of the embedded video frame. The first video in the series is loaded automatically

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