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    Putting it all together: How to best arrange C++ source and header files

    General and Gameplay Programming

    Myopic Rhino
    When I first began to learn C++ about a year ago, I was used to the good old-fashioned one-source-file model. It took me weeks to figure out how C++ arranged and compiled its source and header files. It took me over a month to figure out how to use this arrangement to create globals instantly. I am writing this to save the other beginners out there the heartache.

    Here is my basic model that I use in all my applications:

    Globals.h is the only header file included in any source file - here is how
    it's set up inside:
    #ifndef MadeIncludes //if we haven't done this where this file can see it, then...
    #define SCREENX = 640
    #define SCREENY = 480
    //and other app-wide #defines

    //and other system or lib includes

    #include "creature.h" //class header or some function prototypes

    enum Enumeration{E_THINGY1, E_THINGY2};
    #define MadeIncludes

    extern int globalint;
    extern char globalstring[50];
    //and other globals

    Winmain.cpp (or other main() or winmain() module)
    #include "globals.h"
    int globalint;
    char globalstring[50];
    //and other globals

    //and then the rest of the main file's source code

    Creature.cpp is my implementation for Creature.h that's included in globals.h
    #include "globals.h" //you see, this now has access to all globals and header files

    class creature
    int x;
    int y;

    //and other classes/structs

    void MoveCreature(int newx, int newy);
    //and other various procedures

    I hope this helped you guys. Questions, comments, whatever, e-mail me at [email="benbeandogdilts@cs.com"]benbeandogdilts@cs.com[/email]. Visit my web page at [url="http://www.geocities.com/benbeandogdilts"]www.geocities.com/benbeandogdilts[/url]. Have fun, guys!

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