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  • 07/05/00 04:36 PM
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    Making metalic text in Photoshop

    Visual Arts

    Myopic Rhino
    Updated: 2/12/00

    First, make a [color="#8B0000"]new image [/color]and type the text you want with the [color="#8B0000"]text tool[/color]. Make the text [color="#8B0000"]grey [/color](168, 168, 168).


    Right click on the text layer, [color="#8B0000"]render it[/color], and add the [color="#8B0000"]Bevel and Emboss [/color]effect.

    Use these settings:
    Highlight and Shadow Opacity: 80%
    Style: Inner Bevel
    Angle: 120
    Depth: 10
    Blur: 1

    Not much yet...


    Now is the important part: make a [color="#8B0000"]new black layer[/color], go to the [color="#8B0000"]Filters [/color]menu, and add a [color="#8B0000"]Noise->Add Noise [/color]filter.

    Use these settings:
    Amount: 55
    Distribution: Uniform
    Monochromatic: checked

    Click [color="#8B0000"]Ctrl-F [/color]to add it again. Next, add the [color="#8B0000"]Blur->Motion Blur [/color]filter.
    Angle: 80
    Distance: 10

    Now change the layer [color="#8B0000"]Mode [/color]to [color="#8B0000"]Overlay[/color].


    Next, have at it with the [color="#8B0000"]Dodge [/color]and [color="#8B0000"]Burn [/color]tools with a [color="#8B0000"]medium sized brush [/color]with [color="#8B0000"]opacity [/color]at [color="#8B0000"]10-15%. [/color]


    Add a little brownish looking rusty stuff with the [color="#8B0000"]Airbrush [/color]at [color="#8B0000"]8% [/color]opacity and a [color="#8B0000"]medium brush[/color]. If you do too much, just use the [color="#8B0000"]Sponge [/color]tool set on [color="#8B0000"]Desaturate [/color]at about [color="#8B0000"]20% [/color]opacity. I also [color="#8B0000"]Blurred [/color]it twice and [color="#8B0000"]Sharpened [/color]it once to antialias it.


    Now, add some dents. Make the dark part with the [color="#8B0000"]Burn [/color]tool with a [color="#8B0000"]1 pixel brush [/color]and [color="#8B0000"]30% [/color]opacity and the light parts with a [color="#8B0000"]Dodge [/color]tool and the same settings.


    I added the bottom part as an afterthought. I just made a selection with the [color="#8B0000"]Marquee [/color]tool and [color="#8B0000"]filled it [/color]with [color="#8B0000"]grey[/color]. The I made some [color="#8B0000"]text[/color], [color="#8B0000"]rendered [/color]the layer, did an [color="#8B0000"]Inner Bevel[/color], and [color="#8B0000"]Merged [/color]it with the MXF layer. Then I [color="#8B0000"]Dodged[/color], [color="#8B0000"]Burned[/color], and [color="#8B0000"]Airbrushed [/color]it to make look like the MXF. I also did a lot of [color="#8B0000"]Desaturating[/color].


    This image was done using the same technique as the one above. I just spent a little more time on it. I would have used it, but I didn't have each of the steps as a separate image.


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