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Michael Tanczos.. Gamedev.net code monkey

4: Adsense

Ideal .net game development platform for beginners?

My full-time job is teaching both computer networking as well as programming at a high school. We have a few courses that teach Visual Basic and then transition into programming with both the CLI and GUI with C#. Last year I tried to shake things up a bit and make the course more interesting by introducing XNA and providing a myriad of examples and...

Are You Using Image Attachments? You Should Be!

Image attachments can be embedded inside your blog.. see?

They do not inline.. so be aware of that..

But before clicking "Add to Post", make sure your cursor is where you want the image to go inside of your blog...

New Developments

We've put a number of new developments on hold to focus on polishing a number of site issues and features. You can expect a number of improvements in the upcoming weeks.

Call of Duty 2 vs Brothers in Arms:Earned in Blood

After having played both games, I've decided that BIA is much, much better than COD2. I don't play many games usually because of having no time, but I do play games that come with a relatively small time commitment that you can play a quick few minutes and then get back to doing whatever you *should* be doing.

Brother's in Arms is a tactical first person...

Phone Scammer

So today I got a random phone call.. It was from a phone scammer. "ooooooooh, my first real phone scam!", I thought. This was not an opportunity I would pass up.

For the next few minutes I was fed a story about this company called "Grant Procurement Corporation" based out of Champlain, New York that would help me to get $5,000 of grant money from the...