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The Programming Primer

Hello again everyone:     I have been seeing a lot of confusion with some of our beginning level programmers on the forums lately, namely in what programming language(s) they should be learning, what languages are used for what and how much they should learn.  One thing I remember from my days of asking these same questions (many many moons ago) is that t...

What are you worth to a development team?

I'm baaack!     Fellow game designers and developers, I have returned (as if anyone really cares lol).  I have been quite busy with my work over the past year and have just recently been able to spare up some time to get active here on Game Dev again.  Wanted to take a moment to address a topic that I feel is well over due and that is what are you worth t...

The truth about MMO's

Hello again everyone!
Hello everyone, this time around I didn't wait as long to post my next article. Now this one is going to hurt considering the high amount of MMO projects that are currently looking for members here on the forums but it's just something I have to talk about. In short an MMO is not an obtainable goal for a first time...

Who needs a design document anyways?

Hello fellow designers,
It's been a couple months and as such I felt it time to post another journal entry. This time around I wanted to take a moment and discuss some concepts and ideas behind game design documents, who needs them and how important they may be. As with all of my entries this posting is meant to be informative and get you...

Professionalism and it's impact on your team.

Hello Everyone,
It has been quite a while since I have written anything in the journals here but stumbling across something today spurred up the great ranting machine inside my head. Professionalism and the lack of it in today's gaming world. I was browsing through a few of the career opportunities here on Game Dev today and stumbled across this...

UDK For Indies?

Hello everyone:
Wanted to take a moment to talk a bit about the Unreal Development Kit and it's potential as being independent technology. I have noticed that the many independent teams here on Game Dev are starting out with UDK as their core technology. As such I just wanted to share some things that I have learned about UDK and it's...