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RedPin's Game Jorunal

4: Adsense

Making The Most In A Overpopulated Genre

Really, how do WE get maximum money in a overpopulated genre? It is really easy, and I'm going to explain how to do it. I'm tired of seeing people do it the wrong way, so why not educate them a little bit on one of the many methods to use. First, the game must be distributed through a major distributor. Second, the game must be of AAA quality, hands...

Information Before Releasing

Ok, for those who aren't familiar with any sort of commercial game engine I'll go over some basics. First of all, when you do see my models, they will be chopped up into groups. Not everything is attached, so when you go in to try and change something, you'll need to see how it fits. Most of it will be attached, but the objects are not welded...

Got My Hero Blade Key

They decided to fund me, so it's time to show them what I envisioned my game to be and to do.

Got Invitation For Free License To Hero Blade Solutions

Yes, sadly they invited me to their Hero Blade Solutions. The sad part is, I just barely read it at 1.00 AM and today for me is the 10th, so it is LATE. I responded with my entry and inquiry about the Hero Blade licensing process. Perhaps if I don't get in via free, I can just buy a license in. My team has moved ahead and started finishing up our games...

Some Starter Models

Some of my starter models will possibly be for free. Why are they called "starter models"? These models can be used to start testing your 3D games. Although they might be around 10k~15k polys in total, they are still suitable for games. Mostly, because of armor and facial features, but that isn't much of a concern for us is it? The better it...

Game Art, PR Data, And Tutorials

I will be going into selling game art, pr data, and providing free tutorials to people on the internet. Unfortunately, I will not be providing free game art. The amount of time my studio takes to make it, and the budget and costs of the game art are not refined enough to introduce AAA work free on the internet. As for PR Data, it will be provided with...

Game Designers Theories

This will be long, as in parts of a series. I will be going over how to implement systems that will allow you to meet the psychological needs of your target audience. You will be going into Game Theory, Complexity Theory and Chaos Theory. The details for analyzing such will be based on randomized examples. These examples will be taken into effect, and...

My Citations

My dear acquaintance has been babbling on about citations, and therefore to share with you where i gathered 1% of my information here is my list I have provided for him to look at. May your endeavor on the life long journal to learning a little about everything start here and now. Enjoy the reading, and post any comments if you wish about questions or...

Taking a quick look at BUSINESS Structure

For indie or commercial it's the same. 98% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years due to one area lacking. 98% of those businesses fail in the next 10 years because of multiple areas crumbling. So I will show you the proper model how to setup and operate as a business and explain it to you in simple...

Providing what people want to buy?

I want to go into this a bit. Some people just can't seem to grasp anything about game design. So I will go over something very simple, and for this reason you might miss it. Don't worry, grown ups and kids like to miss the simplistic things because they want over complicated formulas and junk. You simply plug and play information you gather and...