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New indie game Genix releases next week for PC and XBLIG...

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New indie game Genix releases next week for PC and XBLIG...
  • Genix ScreenShot 6 - Eye Bot
  • Genix ScreenShot 5 - Rapid Pulveriser
  • Genix ScreenShot 4 - Keys
  • Genix ScreenShot 3 - Plasma Cannon
  • Genix ScreenShot 2 - The Claw Fish
  • Genix ScreenShot 1 - Gravik Pulsar

After months and months of slaving away trying to build something we think people would actually play, I am proud to announce that Genix our first ever commercial game will be making it's way to the stores next week! Genix is an action packed twin-stick shooter game that takes the space invaders concept, mixes up with a few classic gaming mechanics then throws in a dose of 3D magic to bring it all to life.

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For the PC, Genix will be available through Indie City, and Desura on Monday 19th of November.
For the Xbox 360 this all depends on the peer review process, however we think you'll likely be able to play it on Wednesday the 21st of November.

So what do you get for your dosh? Well Genix is designed from the ground up for HD. One of the ways we did that was to deal with thin lines which can distort when they are far away, we built a custom vector engine that is able to deal with depth, line thickness, and end caps so no matter where you are in a level you can still see the boundaries crystal clear. To Joe Blogs this may seem at first like a game with little graphical detail, but we assure you the devil is in the detail :)

As well as swish graphics, we have built 30 challenging levels for you to battle through, each one gets progressively more difficult, and we bet by level 13 you are pulling your hair out over it! To help you cope we have designed 9 mental weapons that each have their unique abilities (check the images coupled with this post for more info about them), 8 types of robotic enemy, 8 boss battles, and to boot we have written 6 original music tracks to keep you bopping while you battle.

That's all for now, thank you so much for reading and I hope you join us this weekend by visiting the official website for Genix at: http://genix.xpod-games.com


Nov 18 2012 03:14 AM
Congratulations, and good luck with your releases -- let us know how you do!
Nov 22 2012 09:27 AM
Great job, I love to see people complete their works, it inspires me :D. Keep it up!

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