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April Fools! Oh wait...

4: Adsense

So apparently real life tracked me down and kicked my ass the past two weeks. I'm just now finally recovering, but overall I think I weathered it pretty well. My brother came in from Iraq on two weeks leave, so it was nice to spend time with him. We played Halo Reach (first time for me, I found it fairly enjoyable) and spent some time running some lead through his .45. Add into that a biochemistry test and a paper on the Role of Folic Acid in Human Prenatal Neural Development and you have a recipe for some long nights and a lot of Red Bull.

But now that's over, I can spend a little more time on my project. I finished off the GDD overview, which just runs over the basic high points of the game. It clocked in at 5 pages, which I'm hoping is enough to give potential team members a grasp of what I'm going for. I've also started the full GDD which is going to be a pretty mammoth document by the time I'm done. I've also discovered the joy of Google Docs in terms of sharing. It's very convenient to just e-mail someone a link to the document instead of attaching it or copy/pasting the text. So I have a good chunk of time today and most of tomorrow to focus on getting more of it down on paper. Well, getting 1s and 0s on a hard drive, but you get the drift.

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