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Little Coding Fox's Journal Of Exotic Adventures

4: Adsense

Tiled Converter Update #1

Original Journal: http://www.gamedev.n...r-just-for-you/
Here's an update to the Tiled Converter: http://www.mediafire...wulvvjc8ju0m5wl

This update fixes several issues and adds a couple of features, such as loading the tilesets from multiple possible directories in the loader. You can also specify an...

Here's a Tiled converter, just for you!

UPDATE! http://www.gamedev.n...erter-update-1/

I've recently developed a format converter for Tiled, the open-source orthogonal and isometric tile map editor!
You can download it here, released under the Public Domain:...

Sul Story Prototype Video #1

Here's a video of a game prototype I've been working on for a while: Link

This video shows the work of over a year and a half, using the limited time I have after I'm done with my full-time job every day.

In this game you can create your own magical spells combining spell fragments, or...

Awesomium both in name and in use


Awesomium is a "google chrome in a lib" library that can be used on pretty much any application to render web pages (including flash and silverlight content), and has a great indie license to boot.

I know there are developers like me who'd rather not write their own native...

Piracy, eh?

So Drew suggested I elaborate a bit on the piracy levels I reported on my last journal, when I mentioned we had released "Fling!" on the Android Market.

I can't give you guys whole numbers, but to sum it up, the game was being pirated since the first day it was released. So far, we estimate it has been pirated over one hundred times the...

Apologies. Also, game released.

First off I'd like to apologise for the seemingly "lack of context" in my latest journals. That's what I get for not being used to writing these and being in a hurry all the time.

I've been working on a port of a very successful iOS game to Android for 9 months now, and yesterday the game was finally released. It consists of pushing...

Hey there, how time flies, and some ramblings.

Hey there, how time flies, and some ramblings


I'm sure most of you will disagree with my views, however please don't think of me as someone who is saying "I'm totally right, everyone else doesn't know squat", since these are merely opinions.