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__Homer__'s Journal

4: Adsense

You wish, but you don't have the cahones

I went from -2 to -33 from a single post.
Well on track for my -666 !!!

In the meanwhile I've been quite busy, working on commercial projects.
I bet the people who voted me down have not even got a job in the industry !!
Vote me down more!! I need to reach my goal!


Now my current score on this crap forum is minus 2 - after they agreed minus scored would not happen.
Can i reach - 666? :)

Yours Truly, for saying nothing more than the truth.


I was invited to gcap - and stood around outside, hawking my wares like a whore, and it felt so right.
Thanks to all the people who stopped to play it!

Metal Clad Men On Horsies - With Sticks!

Announcing the upcoming IGF student division finalists, http://studentgame.c...ting/index.html

I like cheese and zombies and the rest is commercial in confidence

Today I got my fledgling newchool opengl engine launched.
It flapped around, at no stage did it fly, but it did not fall over, and it did not disgrace itself on the way out!

"Infinite" number of lights - breaking the hardware limits

It's a small blog mention @ http://www.asmcommun...;sa=topic;id=51

Here I describe a way to breach regular hardware limits for the total number of lights, without sacrificing the minimum framerate, and while considering shadowcasting in the same step.

Bullet physics 0, game implementation stuff 1

So on another topic, I'm currently working on a game involving medieval jousting (yes, horsies, mounted by metal-clad men..) and we've glued some kinematic rigid bodies to various joints of our warriors (shields, lances, so forth).
I was happy to set up physics under Bullet to drive the kinematic bodies around via a custom MotionState,
But when it...

Portals are almost correct too

Re-enabling the culling of portal polygons during their Clipping phase paid off - I am now detecting five portal quads are being eliminated during the search for 'true portals', and their geometry matches that of the inner box faces - I have eliminated my 'fake portals' correctly.
The sixth and final leaf now contains 4 portal references,...


I found a very fast way to get the results I was looking for in terms of dealing with the 'closed, unreachable space' in the test model (ie, the space inside the inner box).

I modified the ChoosePartitioningPlane function so that it will always return a plane from the input geometry, as long as there is one that has not already been used before. It...

A special case of a closed subspace

Wrapping my Line/Plane intersection tests in a simple Macro helped to make the case handlers for the triangle splitter more consistant and helped knock out the bugs.

I have been studying the logged output of my tree generator, and using that information to step through the same process in the 3D modelling tool originally used to construct the current test...

Almost Normal

Major bug located in my triangle-splitting implementation.
My algorithm for finding the intersection of a line segment (ie 'edge') and a plane expects the two endpoints of the line segments to be handed in a particular order, which I was not observing in all cases.
The result was that some child triangles were being created with incorrectly...

Progress Report

More bugfixes and improvements.
The ChooseSplittingPlane method no longer returns planes which don't partition the input set, and its heuristic has been changed to take note of the number of triangles split by a candidate plane.
A bunch of small code changes and bug fixes were made, some enumerations were modified, the ClassifyTrianglePlane method has...

It's Not Too Late - to Clip it, Into Shape.

Shave and a Haircut?

When a problem comes along, you must Clip it ;)

At this point, most of the BSP tree will no longer be of any use to us - our leaf nodes, which represent our convex subspaces, each contains a list of 'portal fragments', some of which are actually 'duds', which must die, and others need some...

Improving the Partitioning Heuristic, and Marching On

The problems in the tree generator and portal generator seem to be fixed.
I am now able to discover all the convex subspaces, construct the portals as BFQ's and then 'shatter' them against one another.
However before I post the updated sourcecode, I need to eliminate a bunch of runtime tracing/debugging stuff that helped me track down the...

Trials and Tribulations

I've decided to spend a few hours hardening the current codebase through a series of exhaustive tests apon the triangle splitting code in the tree generator - I seem to be getting unreliable results for some reason (occasionally the output is not the same) and I need to understand why this is so.

I've been thinking about changing my Triangle class...