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Booth Duty

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While I have a press pass and am supposed to provide coverage as much as possible, Thursday turned into a day of booth duty with the expo staff pass. I have a feeling Friday is going to be very much the same. We simply never had enough people working the booth to where I could go away for an extended period of time. I only wish I had known I would need to work the booth more than press coverage, so I could have planned accordingly.

On the positive side, I used the time to take pictures of people as they visited the booth to present a sort of "Faces of GameDev.net" photo series. Some have never heard of GameDev.net, others slightly knew about it, and others are regular or long-time visitors. The Flickr set link of these pictures is . I'll continue to take more shots and post them through the rest of the time I'm at the booth.

I did manage to attend the 9:00 session yesterday on Agile development and wrote up some good notes. Hopefully I'll get around to posting that as well as the rest of my Serious Games coverage sometime today.

(Oh, and I'm tired)

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