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Walking Towards The Sun

Zolonoid 3rd Progression

Posted by , 30 October 2011 - - - - - - · 265 views

Got another hour to work on coding.. heres a quick vid of the editor in progress. I just need to ad a couple visual ques to make color selection easier. Then load/save capabilities and a couple levels to finish the game. :)

zolonoid part 2 or 1.1?

Posted by , 22 October 2011 - - - - - - · 277 views

*edit* oops forgot the video... I really was that tired.

Yeah, so only 4 and half hours to be able to sleep last nite. For the sake of not sleeping in a gain and getting yelled at for it.. I once again opted to stay up well, unfortunately I couldn't focus enough to get anything done. 36 hours later I feel like a zombie with insomnia. A quick rehash of the graphics... I'm a sucker for simple clean looks. Pretty sure I've got the collision detections close enough to perfect... though I'm sure it could be simpler and faster than the way I do it. There can be an infinite amount of balls and blocks aslong as they can fit on the screen though without optimisations it seems ~2048 blocks and 32 active balls is getting close to the limits... I hit about 24-32 FPS. I'm sure some simple spatial bounds checks to eliminate the amount of collision test done would speed things up dramatically. as for now it's doing 65,356 tests just to see if any ball collided with a block. I don't see why I couldn't bring that down to around 2000 tests... but it's not needed and I've never seen a game of Arkanoid with more than 5 balls active.

I also disabled the effect of balls dieing when they hit the bottom of the screen... as it just causes the game to exit right away. To finish it off, I cleaned a fair bit of the code, splitting it into actions(functions) for easier reading. Also to make it less likely I'll edit or place any code in the wrong place. Next just need to slap together a title screen, gameover state and a simple editor for visually designing levels.

Tomorrow is magic day, so wish me luck. Last time I got my rear end handed to me over and over again. Think I got to comfortable playing casual games and wasn't ready for half the cards I went up against. I had to revive my burn deck and revamp it to counter the stupid "no win, no loose" cards and fast control decks that were being used. So far it hasn't taken me more than 10 turns to win, and if they can't remove artifacts, I can usually take the game by turn 6.

motivation through myxomatosis

Posted by , 21 October 2011 - - - - - - · 319 views

So I pull the switch, the switch, the switch inside my head.
And I see black, black, green,and brown, brown, brown and blue, yellow, violets, red.
And suddenly a light appears inside my brain

Back to coding along with the hundred other projects going on in my life. Been several weeks if not a month or two since I've done more than tweak numbers. So I thought I'd put together a quick Day-Project. A clone of Arkanoid... or breakout as the young ones call it. No need for pimple jokes now. I hit the ground running on this one. Coded everything up to the point I'm at without creating a single asset, or even hitting the build button. Told myself not to over think it, just code the damn thing. So my fingers trembled on. An hour later I hit the build button... slapped a couple squares and a circle together in Photoshop... filled out a couple config files... setup a quick font with BMFont... and hit play. This is what came out.

Like I said its a day project, so I plan to finish it later after work. Since I usually only have 4 hours to sleep on Fridays... I tend to just not, and take a nap on Saturday. I'll see if I can't finish it within the 4 hours. Finished meaning to me that it should have a title screen, allow the player to enter their name, keep a persistent score across several levels. It must have a minimum of three levels different in they're own way, probably just by layout. The player should be able to loose and it should say they won, after the last level and show of their awesome score.

I think I'll take this project when it's done as a way to brush up on my math knowledge. As you probably notice it uses a very hackish way of detecting collisions and tends to respond on horrible unrealistic ways (it works though). I think I'll expand my vector3 class beyond being a struct with three floats, and make it more of a true vector rather than a free vector. I would like to use a more mathematically accurate way of detecting collisions, the point they happen and how an object should react to them. The big one, is detecting collision along an objects path, instead of detecting collision at the end of it's movement like I do now. That's what causes the instances were it hits more than one block or gets stuck inside the walls and blocks. It's because the ball can move so fast it can pass through a block before a collision is checked... and so on.

Hey if I can keep this high going.. I'll sit down and put some time into Kylar's Volcano since I haven't even looked at the project in a month. The engine should've been ready 3 months ago... go figure. Now atleast I know more of my limitations... just got to figure how to get over them and improve.

Also for yall intellect types that can read the books... I know ya out tur. If you like technology and the ways of the past... checkout 'Timeline' by Michael Chriton. It's a good read, I finally finished it. For someone who reads a book every five years it was a big accomplishment ;P. Now I got to buckle down and read the "Song of Fire and Ice" series (Game of Thrones quadrilogy). Having already watched the show, the books move at such a slow pace which is hard to get over when I know what is going to happen. I'm constantly thinking in the back of my head... "Oh I know he's going to die in the next episode... Just get to it already."

Music - a blast from the 90's. Just a couple bands I recently rediscovered after not hearing them in 10-15 years. Check em out;
The rentals - "Barcelona" or "The Man With Two Brains"
Meat Puppets - "Backwater"
Pixies - "Something Against You" - "Gigantic" (Yes that is what she's talking about)
Breeders - (wasn't going to mention them, but I mentioned the pixies, which was her first band)
Face to Face - "Resignation"


Posted by , in ecosim 17 October 2011 - - - - - - · 422 views

moist...? Messing around with the water simulation in the ecosim. Trying to get it to flow over the height map properly. I think my values are just off scale or I'm still not getting the rules right.

Currently this is the rules governing how water flows.

For each Cell;
-- if Cell water > threshold

---- if Cell height > neighbor height

------ if Cell water > neighbor water - height difference

-------- Spread water from Cell to neighbor

Basically, the cells height has to be greater or within a range of the neighbor. Then the cell must have more water that the neighbor before the cell will spread it's water.

Happy Coding


Posted by , in tdmtg 08 October 2011 - - - - - - · 404 views

Funny how a smile can lift your spirits. I just had an idea for mixing, tower defense with card game mechanics. Kind'of a more dynamic tower defense. If you've ever played plants ves zombies, you'll know what a row based tower defense game looks like. Well imagine that turned vertical. So there is a series of columns, probably 5 or 6. At the bottom is your avatar, at the top, the avatar you're facing.

The game would be turn based. Each player would start out with a hand of cards, or tokens. Each of these tokens can be anything from, units to abilities or boosts, debuffs and the sorts. Some of these will be energy producers, and generate a small amount of energy to use each turn. Which doesn't carry over each turn and instead resets. Energy is used to play tokens.

The play area would also be a grid, probably 7-9 units tall. Allowing each player to place tokens 2-4 units deep on their own side. Each turn, if a token can move it moves the stated amount. Tokens can never land on another token, If to opposing tokens would occupy the same tile, the moving token would attack. If your unit reaches the opponents side, it deals damage to the player. The goal being to reduce the players health to 0.

I don't know if that counts as a TD. A TD includes towers and enemies in a lane going towards a point -- this would be more or a Tower Wars. Instead of turn based, maybe real-time? With creep cards that could travel one of the lanes/a single lane and fight oncoming monsters, with tower cards that can be placed beside the lane(s) and fire at incoming enemies. Buffs could include stuff like faster card drawing (as in, twice/trice per "tick"), making the enemy throw away one of his cards etc.

In any case, do explore the idea, it seems interesting :)

Then maybe more of a RTS-TD. I just like the idea of useing abilities and other more strategic pieces, instead of just plopping down towers and hoping for the best. Let's explore the idea of real time combat. Though that would throw out the idea of drawing from a stack of cards, I think you'd either have to have a huge stack or run out eventually.

So say the player can choose a group of tokens to use, say 10 - 15 tokens, these would randomly popup as available. The player would have a 5-7 token tray of currently available tokens. Every time one is used another takes it's spot. Choosing randomly from the token types the player selected. When a player plays a unit(creature) token it immediatly begins to move along the column it was placed in. If in range it fires upon oncoming units. If it reaches the end it damages the player it hit.

The other part of that. I wanted to make long range units seem important, so what if they were able to attack units in adjacent columns? Instead of being able to jump over units. Then abilities or boosts as I was thinking of. Would be things like, +10% attack power. Also things like "Deal 50 damage to target unit", "Gain 5 life". Could help your units do more, damage or kill enemy units to allow yours to get through.

Debuffs could be things like, "Slowed for 10 seconds", "-15% attack power".

As a theme I'm thinking more a futuristic look, tanks, helicopters mass amounts of robots and lasers.

Shackles on my words are tight

Posted by , in complaining 04 October 2011 - - - - - - · 375 views

Gain again what they want to steal. Lack of motivation, fear or just straight up laziness.The hardest thing in life has got to be starting. On the low end of bi-polar everything feels like sitting in a race car with no gas. Everything is cool-n-all but it just never goes anywhere.

I've overwhelmed myself again. I have that horrible tendency to pile on the obligation when I reach the top of the emotional wave. Though I've never been that good at organizing my life, so it shouldn't surprise me every time it happens. It just hits me like a wave, and demotivates me. I've gone a good 5 years without promising a single thing, never led people on. Be a shadow and I'll never dissapoint. What good that has done me. Now I try to break away from that, open up and try more. What good that has done. I can't seem to find that happy middle, something I can be comfortable with. Maybe I've just never been that comfortable with my own abilities.

I was told the other day to stop judging myself based on what others have done. Then what do I judge myself off of? It could be alot worse, but I've made so many enemies it's getting harder to be positive.

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