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Walking Towards The Sun


Posted by , 13 November 2011 - - - - - - · 654 views

Oh bethseda you do love putting out fun and buggy games. They definitely took alot of the good things from the fallout games when it comes to the controls. Oblivion always seemed so hard to gather/collect stuff to the point I usually only picked up things that looked worth it. I love the fact that when you enter a conversation you're not stuck in it, unless it's pertinent to the quest that you hear what they say and respond. Hell alot of the main quest especially when it's a conversation between multiple people. As they talk you basically detach from the conversation and can move around freely. Hell I didn't hear half the conversation with the alchemist in the beginning cause I took off running thinking the conversation was over. Good thing there's a journal.

12 hours in and I've barely covered 2% of the map. The land is huge, and deadly. The graphics are beautiful despite what so many complain about. The first time I went treking into the mountains and got hit by a snow storm took my breath away. I don't know maybe I'm just simple, but I love the fact that heavy rain actually makes it hard to see far away. The snow storm brought my line of sight to barely 5-7 feet. When I was attacked up there, surrounded by 3 bandits, swing my sword everywhere I could. I was just hoping to hit something. I was strafe and backing up all over the place, and then. SSSHHHHH************, backed off the frickin' cliff. At least I didn't let the bandits kill me ;) .

I have yet to try the radiant story feature out... still playing my High Elf warrior. But I can already tell the improvement from oblivion. The areas in the map are split into categories. ie dungeons, towns, forts, nests and so forth. I'm actually looking forward to my second play through. Also quests are alot more enriching, there's alot of times I head off on a quest think I've finished it, then find I'm only part way into a dungeon or fort. I decide to exlore deeper only to discover that theres a secret in the dungeon. Now I just have to go deeper and find this awesome treasure.

A quest to retrieve stolen merchandise sent me into a hideout. Inside I find out that the leader has been cocooned by a giant spider. Died four times, before I managed to kill the thing. Freeing the guy, he ran deep into the hideout which turned into a two hour spelunking deep into an ancient temple. Oh an just because thing dont become hostile right away, doesn't mean you can run up to them. Ran up to a giant ogre, and to have him to around and one shot me with his club before I could draw my sword.

The dragons are awesome and hard. Especially if you insist on fighting them in the mountains near their nest. Even a weakling one (green) whooped my level 10 before I could take half his life. My companion turned into a retard during the fight to. "What? Use a bow. Nah I'll just run circles with my mace and burn like a shiskabob", at least that's what I think she was trying to say.

Running into two wolves, I dismounted from my horse. Too my shock, the horse trampled both wolves before I could encircle him to attack. Thank you Ed, you did more than Lydia who was still running around, cause she won't draw her weapon unless I draw mine. Dumb AI, but she's a good meat shield. MMMM, meat, I'm off to have some fill-it-mig-non.

For anyone that liked the other elder scrolls, gothic, risen or fallout games. I'd definitely recommend this one. My only complaints so far is the fact that the ai's pathfinding still never takes in account the fact that you can jump. I jump across a small gap to take a shortcut, look back and realise I'm now on my own as my companion is never going to find a way to get to me, since they also don't know how to open doors.

zolonoid 4th progression

Posted by , 02 November 2011 - - - - - - · 364 views

Updated editor (finished) and put together a horror theme.

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