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Walking Towards The Sun

4: Adsense

Nothing dev about it - Taking care of your self

Pitter patter goes the heart. Something I forget so often, and I've noticed it amongst my peers. Not taking care of my self, no I'm not talking about that you perv. I find my self so caught up in the minds of others, that I don't think about how I feel. It's been almost two, weeks and that's exactly why. Too worried that I'm...


I was listening to this song earlier and it just had this great verse in it.

Cause you
You're so calm
I don't know where you are from
You're so young
I don't care what you've done wrong

Too me it screams the essence of childhood, being an adult and whatching children grow up. To not take the world so seriously that...

zoloEngine - Cloud and a walking disease

Gotta love how easily kids pass along the sickness. I'm a walking disease today, no work, don't want to hang out in fear I'm may be too far from a bathroom ;) So here I am, clean or code... let's code. While were at it lets toot my horn aswell. Yes there is more than one in this head.

Wasn't expecting to start this till tomorrow, but...

Memory Blocks release - zoloEngine Cloud

Later in the week, next week, same thing. Right?.... right? Real simple real quick, get the highest score possible and brag to your self about it, cause that's what life is all about. Right?

Playing the game - You're given a set amount of turns, each time you reveal a colored square it takes a turn away. Everytime you reveal two matching colors you...