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Walking Towards The Sun

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added cloud forming to the ecomimic, the conditions for evaporation and rainfall aren't active, so what you're seeing the effect that wind has on the clouds. The second part, with the green. That is the atmospheric pressure which simulates the wind, the last section is the air temperature being altered by...


There's vegetation, represented by the green dots. but there's no discerning between what types of vegetation they represent. So what should define a plant? So far the basics are;
waterThreshold - how wet the soil can be before it's starts to die offnutrientRequirement - how many nutrients...

I had a clever title

Still alive just not awake. Still looking for an artist, for Kylar's Valcano. In the meant time I've been messing around with Cellular Automation . Trying to make a simple ecosystem like the old simearth....