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Walking Towards The Sun

4: Adsense

Zolonoid 3rd Progression

Got another hour to work on coding.. heres a quick vid of the editor in progress. I just need to ad a couple visual ques to make color selection easier. Then load/save capabilities and a couple levels to finish the game. :)

zolonoid part 2 or 1.1?

*edit* oops forgot the video... I really was that tired.

Yeah, so only 4 and half hours to be able to sleep last nite. For the sake of not sleeping in a gain and getting yelled at for it.. I once again opted to stay up well, unfortunately I couldn't focus enough to get anything done. 36 hours later I feel like...

motivation through myxomatosis

So I pull the switch, the switch, the switch inside my head.
And I see black, black, green,and brown, brown, brown and blue, yellow, violets, red.
And suddenly a light appears inside my brain

Back to coding along with the hundred other projects going on in my life. Been several weeks if not a month or two since I've done more than tweak numbers. So I...


moist...? Messing around with the water simulation in the ecosim. Trying to get it to flow over the height map properly. I think my values are just off scale or I'm still not getting the rules right.

Currently this is the rules governing how water flows.

For each Cell;
-- if Cell water > threshold

---- if Cell height > neighbor height



Funny how a smile can lift your spirits. I just had an idea for mixing, tower defense with card game mechanics. Kind'of a more dynamic tower defense. If you've ever played plants ves zombies, you'll know what a row based tower defense game looks like. Well imagine that turned vertical. So there is a series of columns, probably 5 or 6. At the...

Shackles on my words are tight

Gain again what they want to steal. Lack of motivation, fear or just straight up laziness.The hardest thing in life has got to be starting. On the low end of bi-polar everything feels like sitting in a race car with no gas. Everything is cool-n-all but it just never goes anywhere.

I've overwhelmed myself again. I have that horrible tendency to pile on...

tmi or soggy captain crunch

huh? Were you been?

Joyless and frustrated, for two months, dealing with four letter expletives and the people that start it. No offense but why do all women have to be ignorant, or uninterested? Why do people have to be so vague? I'm trying not to get angry, but I really want to break something. i really don't want to type, and i don't want to...


added cloud forming to the ecomimic, the conditions for evaporation and rainfall aren't active, so what you're seeing the effect that wind has on the clouds. The second part, with the green. That is the atmospheric pressure which simulates the wind, the last section is the air temperature being altered by...


There's vegetation, represented by the green dots. but there's no discerning between what types of vegetation they represent. So what should define a plant? So far the basics are;
waterThreshold - how wet the soil can be before it's starts to die offnutrientRequirement - how many nutrients...

I had a clever title

Still alive just not awake. Still looking for an artist, for Kylar's Valcano. In the meant time I've been messing around with Cellular Automation . Trying to make a simple ecosystem like the old simearth....