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What? huh, what?

4: Adsense

That's right.... What? Delivered freight, from 8am - 2pm, lunch, nap, stocked freight from 6pm - 11:30 pm. Put my clothes back on and left what easily could've been a models hotel room at 3 am. Somehow made it home to sleep. did it all over again at 8am. Yet I still have no money to show for it.... go figure. Definitely feeling nuttier than squirrel turds, and ready to sleep for a couple days, but I sure do like tourist.

Well that was two days ago, feeling somewhat intact, so thought I'd do some refactoring, and reassessing my projects. Reevaluated milestones, and tried to convince myself I'm on schedule. Another swarm of resumes, yet only one phone call returned... dead end. Yet it made me feel pretty good, someone thought I was worth calling back. Just got to brush up on my professional conversation skills.

My typing without looking at the keyboard is getting ever faster, yet I noticed, my brain is still substituting words incorrectly... don't know how many times I typed things like "could" instead of "good". Darn brain, what is your problem, or "have" instead of "hope", come on now, those doesn't even sound alike. Maybe some paint chips will teach you a lesson.

Nothing fancy, but messing around with the ol' ge-tar + my digitech processor (things been broken for years, finally fixed it) and some art stoof, so say bye to 30 seconds of your life.

Still contemplating a way to incorporate the abilities of tokens, without having to hard code them... but it seems the best I'll be able to do, is incorporate the abilities as functions, and use some sort of tagging to identify what abilities the token has, and call that function when it gets used. This means I'll have to rebuild the exe every time I want to add new abilities though. Ahh I'll find a way eventually.

After 5 hours of refactoring, got to say, this is now the cleanest project I've ever done. :)

Till next time... don't eat the pudding.

Dec 16 2011 08:50 PM
Very nice!! :)
Dec 19 2011 06:12 PM
I was having the exact same problem with the "hardcoded special stuff" on a project of mine, It's a real anchor as you'll need to rebuild and redistreibute and all that stuff...
Last time I was finally researching on how to properly build/use .dll files, with them you can even hardcode your stuff and still add new without having to alter the original .exe.

In my particular case, there was a mdata.mon file that stored all of the monsters' stats and abilities (passive poison attack, ignore def, run speed surge, all sorts of stuff). Every single ability had an unique ID that was actually hardcoded, blame on me. Passive Poison Attack, for example, was _SKILL_DEF_PAS_POISON_ATTACK. That word was written on both: in the skill class code as well as in the .mon file. After that, I introduced sort of an "expansion package" that consisted of a .dll file called testExpPk.dll assiciated with a testExpPk.mon and a testExpPk.lvl, that stored the new game levels. I tested copying the .dll and along with necessary data/sprites/sound files to a previously clean instalation, worked "almost" fine, kinda buggybut who doesn't introduce new bugs with new stuff? Some time later I managed to fix it all up. You have to prepare your system to accept the dlls tho'.

Using dlls has a major advantage: multiple extra contents. If you have 3 packages of extra content you'd need lots of "exe versions":
1 non expanded
3 single package
3 double package
1 triple package

If you ever add a fourth package,the number of versions will double.
Using dlls no, you just copy the necessary content over the same installation! Not to mention the capacity to delete it, if necessary!
Dec 20 2011 01:27 PM
interesting, I've never made my own dll files before. From what I've read though it doesn't sound all that hard to implement, just got to re-think some of the ways my objects interact to make it doable. Well off to do some more reading and back to the drawing board.

With your example, though, did you have a all in one processor for processing skills? ie one function that takes a skill, action and two objects, then parses and executes the skill on what ever target using what ever action? The way I'm thinking is doing it like that, but I worry it'll become one of those gigantic 300+ line functions that's just a bunch of switch/case trees.

What I've been trying to work out is splitting skills based on they're target type.... though not all spells have a target per say...or atleast some don't know who the target is because of the scope that they are stored. ie, a token may have a skill that targets another token, but because the token doesn't know about the other tokens, the skill can't easily acquire a target.... bah, more to think about.

I wanna hack together the basics of the ai first, so I at least have a punching bag to try some machanics on.
Dec 20 2011 06:08 PM
I actually used a function with 3 parameters: callback, *source and *target.
That way, I could have a NULL source, NULL target, an array of sources, an array of targets, single target, single source, point target, etcetc.I used the callback more as a test, since I am learning cpp along with game dev! But it gave me really good results!

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