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Guitar, Tatoos and a little programming

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No kids for the weekend... already feels weird. Plus no Sunday magic... and most everyone is with family for the holidays... ah what to do with my time. Well I did some hardcore programming to pass the time. Accessing some of my achievements and future milestones for the project, here's a short version of were I stand.

- Implemented Phase system (my glorified state machine for turn based games), I've rewritten this boiler plate for the last 3-4 projects, I really should abstract it for future use after this project.

- Implemented UpkeepPhase
--- Draws a token
--- Resets resources
--- Processes auto abilities (resource generation only)

- Implemented SetupPhase
--- Allows playing tokens from hand, onto the game board
--- Properly purchases and validates tokens cost
--- no restrictions on where tokens can be placed yet
--- no restrictions on the amount of a type of token that can be played per turn yet.

- Token, hand (deck, library, graveyard), ability, resource, player and game board boiler plate completed.

Future goals and milestones

- Implement pre-action phase
--- Allow assignment movement and attack orders
--- allow playing ability only tokens, but restrict permanent tokens.

- Implement post-action phase
--- process all move and attack orders
--- cleanup dead tokens

- implement secondary setup phase
--- All I should have to do with this, is push another copy of setupPhase onto the stack.

- implement Cleanup phase
--- clean up dead tokens
--- regenerate tokens still alive.


With those four phases complete, I should be able to hit my major milestone of being able to play through a complete turn.

Now take a break from code speak... here's a small tune I've been messing around with for some time now. Yes I know I play guitar like a french dude drinks tea... If I could just keep my pinky down, I might actually be able to up my speed. It's just a habit I can't break though...


Here's my work in progress for the next section of my right sleeve... titled 'The Great Struggle', Gonna redue it so he's coming out of the flames, instead of what is supposed to be dust kicked up from him fighting with the vines to move forward. And the overseer, has to be repositioned to go on the part of my body I want to go on. And the colors, were just me messing around... none of my tats have color and probably never will.

Posted Image

Till next time... hey watch it with the thumb.

P.S. day three is coming soon, waiting for my next milestone before I move the story along.

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