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Unfortunately no video, the view component is my next big hurdle though.


I've been putting most my effort into getting the dungeon generator up and running before getting things on the screen. The dungeon is a container the holds a series of floors. Each floor contains a terrain, monsters and items on the floor and other various objects that exist on that floor. The idea is that when the player enters a floor, the game will pull the floor from the dungeon and use it as the active floor. When the player leaves the floor, it gets saved back into the dungeon at its current state.

To generate each floors layout I'm using a rough binary space partitioning method. Starting with a starting quad that covers the entire bredth of the floor. I then randomly split the quad in half along with the resulting childs. This splits the floor into a series of neighboring rooms. I then randomly delete some of the rooms, while making sure they are all still connected.

For now the generator then randomly places monsters and items throughout the floor.


I settled on a list of every action I want to support. I split the actions into different categories based on the data required to perform the action. Combat actions are rather small, but refer to any action that uses the creatures equipped weapon.

Equip actions, once again small, refer to ofcourse equipping items. unequipping, dropping and picking up items also fit neatly into this category. Terrain actions for things like moving, opening doors or using stairs. Lastly, consumtion actions are for use items in the inventory. Things like eating food and drinking a potion. I grouped using wands and throwing into this category aswell. it might seem like it makes sense to put those into the combat category, but the data required makes it fit better in the consumable list.

Consumables are pretty boring by themselves though. Most if not all will have a related effect. effects can be simple things like "IncreaseHealth" which will increas the targets health by the given amount. Effects are further described with what are valid targets for the effect. Items like a potion of healing might actually use a "IncreseUsersHealth" effect that only allows targeting the user of the action. A wand of healing on the other hand would allow targeting the user and other creatures.

This does limit the combinations of item types and the effects that can be associated with them. Such as equipment won't be able to have effects like that of a healing potion. I do want to keep things simple though so no biggy if I can't make crazy items like an amulet that casts fireballs.

Next I WILL have the basic view put together with the logic to move the camera around the floors and traverse up and down them. 'Til then happy coding.

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