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It's been a while...

Hey Gamedev, it's been a while. These past few months have been hectic for me to the point where I'm having trouble keeping track of the days. I have emails I need to respond to dating back over a month now (one of which is from a certain Gaiiden on a subject I offered to help with thinking I'd have more time), and phone calls I need to return...

New computer

Finally, a machine that can actually do something. I invested some money in the new 27" iMac, and got the upgraded 3.4Ghz CPU. This thing is a beast, at least compared to the dual core Atom 330 machine with GMA 950 that I was using before it. Plays StarCraft 2 on full settings at full resolution(2560x1440) no problem. Just had my first SC2 session in a...

Project #2 - Amarant & Thoughts on Modern Computing

Computing these days is becoming a mess. On one side we have your standard desktop and laptop computers running Windows, Mac OS and one of the million other Unices available, then on the other side you have mobile computing platforms that are revolutionizing the industry. Yet all I've been reading is that there is no merger, no midpoint where we can...

WynterStorm - Batched Primitives

Tonight I spent way too much time making sure batches were properly managed in WynterStorm. When I say 'properly managed' here, I mean simply that the engine should batch all quads using the same texture and render that as a single VBO, makes sense right? When I say 'properly managed' I also am using the term very cautiously. I do not think...

WynterStorm - Signals and Events

Whoo! This last week was finals week at my school and it was quite a killer. I ended up writing a research paper on Necrophilia last minute for one of my classes, which was quite an interesting project. As for programming, I didn't have as much time this week as I would've liked for WynterStorm, having to spend what little time I had on school...

WynterStorm - TypeInfo

I spent a bit more time on WynterStorm today, this time cleaning up some older code.
In my last incarnation of WynterStorm, I had been using a TypeInfo class for RTTI in various places. Using Trefall's component classes as well as an event management system that I pulled from here on gamedev, I had taken in a second TypeInfo class that used standard C++...

WynterStorm - Engine Layout

As I noted in my last entry, I want to use this article to describe the way I have been laying out code in WynterStorm and the different libraries it is broken up into. I've found that I am horrible at code documentation and because of this I have tried to somewhat combat this problem by organizing my code out quite strictly. WynterStorm is broken up...

WynterStorm - Development Setup

Been working on WynterStorm for the past hour now, implementing loading of textures. I wanted to use this entry to go over the tools I use for development. I run Mac OS X Snow Leopard as my primary OS choice, so most of my development is done in that. I don't use the XCode IDE though unless I am forced to. I prefer instead to use TextMate for writing my...

Project #1 - WynterStorm

The project I've been working on the longest is a game engine I've named WynterStorm. I came up with the name over a year ago and stuck with it because I couldn't think of anything better. I am building this engine to allow me to rapidly develop games and I currently have two games I am planning to use this with.

The first of those games is a...

The First Entry

Hello Gamedev Community,
My name is Wynter Woods and I am a software developer. I am a web designer and php programmer for a local community website using vBulletin 4 and other software. In my spare time I attempt to develop video games and open source web software. I also love anime, heavy metal, and long walks on the beach.

Why am I posting here?...