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Toasty Update #2

So previously I showed a basic usage of the GameSystem and how the GameSystem works as well as the BehaviourSystem. I also showed how on windows the maximum FPS was 999 compared to Mac and Linux which had many thousands. This is due to visual studio missing a proper high res timer implementation for std::chrono and if the speed of the application is equal...

Toasty Update #1

The first update is here, and it has a few things in it that I would like to show off. This might be very long.

So first thing's first, to start using the game engine you can create a GameSystem object like so:Toasty::GameSystem* system = new Toasty::GameSystem();
Now you don't have to use a GameSystem but it is useful in doing these things:


An Introduction To Toasty

Toasty - An Introduction

I have started working on a simple to use C++ game engine with accompanying editor using an outboard component based system as it's base. I will be using this blog to chronicle my progress.

I started this project because of several reasons and these reasons are of course my own opinion.

Reason #1

There was no easy to use c...

Flash Peer-to-Peer 2!

Okay, it's been a while since my last post but I had to look after my sisters kids who lives three hours away, but now I am back and ready to post some progress.

I have mostly been working on my Flash Engines networking capabilities and have made a simple...messenger type thing. People can make a 'game' (Only differing thing is the name), join...

This Way Up!

So I have been working on a game for the last few months called This Way Up!

The description of the game is at www.theactionfriends.com and it says:

TWU is a 2D (What? it's actually 3D) side scrolling platformer with an emphasis on speed and quick reflexes. Keith the robot (Main Character) has a couple of abilities up his robo-sleeve to navigate...

TS Game Engine

Hey all!

Oh my goodness, I wrote an entry before this but when I went to publish I clicked Add Entry instead which doesn't add the current entry but tries to add a new entry. Why does a button that allows you to add a new entry come up when you are already at the page adding a new entry. GOSH. But really just my idiocy in not saving a...

Flash Peer-to-Peer!

Well, I have been working on things just not anything mentioned in my last post, instead I worked on a cool account creation \ login system that my games will be using, I also plan on integrating those with FB and Kongregate so people can login and play using those credentials. The reason I need these is a way to save for...

Flash Engine, GO!

So for the last few days I have been working on my flash engine (currently unnamed) and by extension Elma and Sorc.

The way I handled this was, I first figured out the games I would be making using this engine, one was a strategy game, the other an adventure game, both utilising different views but...


Hey all,

I figured I may as well post about the game I developed with two friends and class mates at QANTM for our final project called Brains. I already outlined a little bit...

The Forest Of All Beginnings

Hey there everyone! I am fairly new to all this so let me just start with a quick introduction followed by an overview of my projects! I am 21 years old turning 22 soon, I have a 'Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment with a Major in...