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Quick Update - Items & Skeletons

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I haven't made a lot of visible progress recently -- I've been trying to nail down combat mechanics and item/equipment UI, as well as experimenting with some random dungeon generation.

I should have a substantive update ready within the next two weeks. However, since it has been a while, I thought I should post a couple of screens.


Posted Image


I added some skeleton enemies. Not much else to say about that. They can hold weapons, but they aren't.


Posted Image

Decisions, decisions...

I really want to have a huge variety of cool loot, both randomly generated and pre-fabricated, so the item structure is fairly complex and versatile. This screen is part mock-up: the purple-ish computed damage values are fake (hence them both being the same for different base damages). The item value is also fake because I forgot to put it into the item structure. The rest come from the item definition. Items can be picked up off the ground (presumably after being dropped by enemies). Items can also sit on top of tables and other static items, and be picked up from there as well. The party shares one inventory rather than micro-manage who carries what. Items can be equipped from inventory into item slots. This screen is the result of attempting to equip the unique sword while the common sword is equipped.

Once the equipment UI is nailed down, and the combat mechanics fully implemented, I'll have another update showing the full equipment UI and explaining the combat mechanics in detail.

Apr 20 2012 01:51 AM
Looks great! I like the fact that the controls are simple, such as a only a touch to take an item.
Apr 20 2012 01:52 PM
Thanks! One of the biggest challenges for me is to balance the necessarily simple controls and interface with the desired complexity of the game mechanics.

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