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Graphics & Games... or the other way around

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Distant Souls
I've been working a lot since the last time the pre-alpha demo was released. I've been doing improvements overall based on the feedback from testers. I'm trying to get a new demo ready so that more testers can be engaged into the play mechanics. There were two big elements that were present but were very...

How to design a massive boss battle

How to design a massive boss battle

Initially I wanted to get ready an introduction scene and a boss battle. Shortly after I realized the timeframe wouldn't allow me to do both. I had to choose. So which one would more badass and entertain more? I went for the boss. And I'm glad I did.

In case you have no idea what I'm walking about,...

Distant Souls Demo available for Download!

First, there's bad news: Distant Souls failed to run on the spec. machines from Intel Level Up contest! Posted Image
Therefore, it's disqualified.

Now let's change the subject:

Crowdfunding... and taxes?

So, I was reading a few forums today, and crossed around this page, about the tax implications of crowdfunding.

I don't know how it's currently being handled. Probably the way it's been suggested by the posters.

I'm not in the US, nor am I familiar with their tax laws, but I...

Demo finally submitted to Intel Level Up contest!

3 months in crunch mode, 2 sleep-less weeks and a fully playable demo has been developed.
Evertyhing has been made under a very tight scheduled and I'm glad I was able to meet it.
It requires a lot of sacrifice and self-discipline. Indie game development is not for everyone and there are a few articles already about it.
Everything's now up to...

Double Fine success: Intrigues

It's been a long time since a made a post. I have ton of new material; but my focus is in getting the demo ready for the Intel Level Up contest. It's a very tight schedule. My apologies on that. I have a whole city and a badass boss battle on the works.

I'm just passing by to tell my thoughts out loud regarding...

New stuff, new screenshots, better lighting, more models. More everything

It has been a while since the last post. A lot has been done and I just happen to have little time to be writing blog. Development is steadily progressing and despite the quiet blog. there's a lot going on.

Adrianne was finnished
The main female protagonist/antagonist wasn't finished at the time of writing my last...

Updates (Warning: Screenshots heavy)

This is a repost from my blog. It was originally posted here.

Whoaaaaa!! It's been a busy month. I apologize for the lack of updates, but I've been very busy lately.


Making your character come to life (Part II)

This is part II, you can find part I here.

Motion extraction

As you may have read in the...

Making your character come to life (Part I)

I come from a programmer's background. I've always been interested in 3D graphics, paying a lot of attention to the details. A description that probably fits me best is technical artists: someone who increases the quality and looks/appearance of the work by writing new shaders, doing some fancy math, procedural stuff, writing 3D tools (viewers,...