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Finding the other soul

Posted by , 15 June 2011 - - - - - - · 394 views

Time to start a Journal

First post on GD.Net Journal! Wooohhooooo!!

I'm going to use this space to start talking (majorly) about the develpment of my new game, Distant Souls. Mostly these will be repost from that blog, occasionally providing exclusive content :)

Why I'm starting this you may ask?

Well.... two reasons:

  • Our beloved Ninja (Drew Sikora) loves gorgeous pictures in his Weekend Journals, and I have my hopes he will like the content I'll be posting here. It is my intention to fulfill his thirst! My intention is to do the same Danny Green did (quite an inspiration to me, shall I add) by spamming zillions of images and updates about the game's progress . Besides it's been a while since we enjoy his site since he signed the deal (which is understandable, but we miss it!). I'll try my best to submit quality content
  • Attention! GD.Net gives the blog a better audience and reach, not to mention a better opportunity to get critique.

Last but not least, guys like Danny Green (from Radioactive Software) and flash animator Mark Haynes (aka Alvin Earthworm) have been of great inspiration for me, they don't stop amazing me how much a single person can do, breaking the limits of what seemed possible. If they can do it, I will too.

Let's leave with a high quality forest screenshot for now. (click to enlarge).

Attached Image

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