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Does anyone really want Direct3D 9 video card support?

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Posted ImageI am sick as a pig. I hate having a farking cold.
So, I figured out the issue that prompted all of this and it took damn near forever. Apparently feature level 9.x devices can’t copy GPU data to resources (e.g. textures) that have a shader binding flag set to CPU accessible resources. And apparently the D3DX functions to save the texture does exactly that. It copies the GPU texture to a CPU staging texture and writes that out (makes sense, reading from the video device is a no-no). Unfortunately my device object just says “fark it” and promptly dies when this happens, which seems like a driver problem. Anyway, it’s fixed now. Not that it matters, but it was painful and could have meant the end to Direct3D 9 video card support in Gorgon (which no one probably really cares about anyway).
Unfortunately the fix comes at a price. Part of that price is increased memory usage. It’s painful enough to have to create temporary textures when converting to a format that’s not able to accept anything by standard RGBA 32 bit formatting, but with the feature level 9.x there needs to be another temporary texture that doesn’t have a shader binding flag. It’s kind of gross. The other part is that the only way to get it without a shader binding is to create the texture as a render target (unordered access views would have been nice, but they’re for Direct3D 11 devices only), so that limits the number of formats that can be used when saving.
Anyway, thought I’d throw that out there.


Mar 12 2012 02:49 AM
I was talking to a friend of mine last week (located in Russia). Apparently, D3D9 feature level is a must. Since I'm no AAA developer, I'm afraid I'll have to work with that shit for another couple of years.
I wish D3D9 cards would get replaced today but outside core market, it appears that's not going to happen.
IGP graphics have more or less improved to the point new systems will have correct D3D10 support. I'm just not sure I can count on them.
Mar 13 2012 02:44 PM
Who is your target audience?

If you want to only target D3D11 devices, then do so. For a hobby project there is no shame in picking your own machine as the target spec.
Apr 24 2012 08:43 PM
People actually read these? I'm shocked.

And appalled.

I'm trying to ensure that the few users that actually use the current version of the library (which is D3D9 based) aren't scared off. While they may have the hardware for D3D 11, I'd rather try and transition them and phase out the whole feature level over time.

It's a pain, but I figure the limited things they can do with the 10_level_9 feature level will make them either drop the library or not care once the transition takes place. Regardless, it's going to be dropped at some point. But for now I can live the with the pain.

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