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So I got a novel idea

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...and decided to take my own advice. Since rediscovering the joys of programming and game programming, I dusted off my Game Maker program and gave it another whirl. It it becoming a fruitful and enlightening experience. Even in a drag and drop environment, understanding the flow of events the "code" that executes those events is crucial. I've spent 3 hours alone--partially because I'm blind (figuratively)--trying to figure out an animation situation. Unfortunately, I still have another animation situation I'm trying to figure out [smile].

Right now this is a just a demo. This sorry excuse for 1s and 0s has MegaMan and PharaohMan. All MegaMan can do shoot and jump--but not both at the same time--and run. PharaohMan just shoots randomly and teleports to different sides of the room when hit.

Hopefully I hope to have this implemented:

  • MegaMan can jump & shoot and run & shoot
  • Some sort of simple physics when either character gets hit
  • better shooting animation for PharaohMan (check! 5/07)
  • score and energy bars
  • either scrolling of the background or dynamic background
  • multiplayer

For now, just download, shoot at PharaohMan, then delete [grin]
Thanks for reading (and hopefully downloading).

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