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A year in the good OK

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Well I'm almost finished my Bachelor's degree. I've spent a year in Oklahoma far away from family and friends. I must say that it's been quite an experience. I've learned alot about myself and realize that I have alot of character changes to accomplish (ex: procrastination, oy).

After my degree, I believe I'm going to go through all the Workshops and my Ultimate Japanese book. By 2008, this time I hope my algorithm, problem-solving, and programming skills improve greatly. Hopefully all this relearning and refining, gives me time for martial arts and an actual life.

Well to all Happy Thanksgiving. And feel free to tell your experiences during this last year or just about growing in general.

Nov 23 2006 04:34 AM
Congrats on (nearly) finishing the degree. I never got one myself but I'm aware of how much hard work is involved.

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