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YodamanJer's Journal

OId Ideas spawn New Ideas

Posted by , in Unnamed Project, RPG, 2D, Action/Adventure 21 June 2013 - - - - - - · 849 views
RPG, 2D, Action/Adventure and 1 more...
It's funny sometimes how one project you're working on can inspire new and completely different ideas, especially when the project you're working on is completely different and has unrelated game mechanics.

What originally started out as a 2D platformer is slowly evolving into a different game inside of my head, and the ideas I have for it are many and diverse. Sure, the genre has been done before, but I have several ideas to make it unique.

The game will no longer be about cubes, or even be a basic platformer. Instead, I'm going for a different idea all together, and I'm excited because I know I can do it: a 2D, sidescrolling platformer/action-adventure RPG.

You control a bumbling, inept, and ridiculously klutzy, very young Wizard, whose backstory shall remain in the depths of my head for now as I don't wish to give a lot away. He is the descendant of someone important, but again that shall all be revealed later. Perhaps I've already said too much!

The basics of the game are ones you would expect to find in any RPG game:
  • Class system
  • Magic/Hit Point/Stamina system
  • Attack/combat system
  • Level-up system
  • Item drops
  • Various other RPG-type things that we all love
So that's my new idea​, and I'll post some more on it later on. I just wanted to share some of my new plans, and possibly gain some encouragement. This will be quite the task, getting this made, but I've decided it's the game I truly want to make. Right now, I'm just starting the pre-production phase. I don't even have sketches drawn or anything like that yet, but I have a lot of notes and the basic story outlined, so we'll see how much further I get along!

Keeping Cuboidz 2D

Posted by , 15 June 2013 - - - - - - · 682 views

Well, after some considerable thought, I realized that keeping Cuboidz 2D would probably be the best route to go. Finishing the game in GameMaker should be easy enough, after I test out a few more features!

I also spent some time today re-designing the ground tiles for most levels. I will simply re-color them for other levels, as well as design a few more variations for more unique layouts, but this is the basics of what I have so far:

Posted Image

You can see that there's a lot more detail added in, while still keeping the theme of squares and rectangles. I discovered that blending two colors with GIMP's smudge tool, using a noise filter and then using the Posterize effect as the last step really helps to make graphics look retro, and it's easy enough to pull off! These really look somewhere between 16 and 32-bit graphics, eh? Posted Image

The shadow underneath the grass sections really helps to make them "pop" out more, and the squares in the dirt actually serve two purposes.

1) - To reference Sonic the Hedgehog (one of my favorite games of all time!), and
2) - To hide some sections that I couldn't quite make seamless. The squares draw your eyes away from the inaccuracies, and literally cover some of them up! If you look REALLY closely you can still some stuff, but otherwise you wouldn't know they were there!

Now I just have to re-design some of the other sprites, and I'll be good to go!

Would Cuboidz be better as a 2.5D sidescrolling platformer?

Posted by , 06 June 2013 - - - - - - · 738 views
Ideas, Unity3D, Cuboidz
Well, I've been stuck on my Cuboidz project for quite some time. I haven't been working on it that much, because I've realized that 2D, while fun, is rather limiting to several ideas I want to implement in any of my games.

Secondly, as great as GameMaker: Studio is, it has severe limitations when compared to Unity3D. For example, in Unity, you can set up variables in your scripts that you can then access from the inspector, and essentially fine-tune certain things within the editor without having to recode a tone of values. You can even do it while the game is running!

GameMaker has no such option. In fact, its scripting is really rather limited. Do I think it was a waste of $50? Certainly not, but I do wish I had thought about it a bit longer before buying it. It's great for games, just not the one I want to make right now.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. I'm wondering, would people find Cuboidz to be better in a 2.5D style, similar to Rochard? Or should I stick with the 2D entirely, which can also be done in Unity?

Another reason I'm considering Unity is because it allows for publishing to a wider range of Linux distros, whereas GameMaker officially only supports Ubuntu. There really are a lot more things one can do with Unity!

Anyway, what does everyone think?

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