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It's been a while...

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As the title says, it's been a long time since I've posted here. This is mainly due to the fact that I got a ton of hours at my job and haven't really had much time to sit at home and do much of any game development, let alone programming of any kind. I also discovered how addictive Minecraft can be.

Anyhoo, I've abandoned GLBasic in favor of Panda3D, because Python is slightly easier for me to manage then another BASIC dirivetive. It also runs on all Operating Systems natively, so it's much easier to use for game development.

So in the next couple of months, you'll start seeing some images from a game I'll be developing with it. It's a port of my old game called "Coins Galore", which you can view here on my website. That's also where my main development blog is located.

Apr 11 2012 06:36 PM
Welcome back!
Apr 12 2012 09:35 PM
Thanks! It's good to be back. I can't wait to get started on some more game development! :)
Apr 14 2012 04:01 PM
"I also discovered how addictive Minecraft can be."

It can be dangerous stuff trying new games. I probably spent 1000 hours on minecraft in the last 2 years. No exaggeration (possibly an under-exageration). Multiplayer of course, singleplayer is only addictive for a week or two. Have stopped now though, not because I got bored, but because I wanted to work on more productive stuff (learning guitar, writing a game)

Some people say they get bored in their spare time. Seriously? I wish I could have 100 lives lasting 1000s of years and run them all in parallel. In one I would be playing quake2 all day, in another I would be playing minecraft all day, in another guitar all day, in another I would do something "social", etc...the list goes on.
Apr 15 2012 09:18 PM
"It can be dangerous stuff trying new games."

Yes it can! Especially when you've got a ton of responsibilities in the real world to attend to!

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