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Making good progress on new game

Posted by , 26 May 2013 · 528 views

Cuboidz 2D GameMaker
Well, I've learned quite a lot about how GameMaker works since I've last posted in this journal, and I've even started developing a game!

It's sort of a "test" game. I chose to make this one before "A Little Epic", because it will be a simpler platformer, and have a much simpler mechanics.

Here's a little video, showcasing (now defunct) graphics, and the basic mechanics. I've done all of this in about 2 1/2 days.

Planned platforms for release include (once I obtain the license) Ouya, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and possibly Mac OS X.

Here's a screenshot, showcasing the updated visuals!

Posted Image


On a side note; how long did it take you to get familiar with game maker? Are you using the free version or pro?

Hi there! Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the delayed response, my email didn't notify me of your comment.

I'm using the Standard version of GameMaker: Studio, and it took me a little while to get familiar with it.  I used the free edition to learn as much as possible before buying, and I still have quite a bit to learn, but I definitely know enough in order to make the game above!

There are a ton of tutorials available online in order to learn GameMaker that I used, including Wizirdi's YouTube channel and Shaun Spalding's channel as well.

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