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OId Ideas spawn New Ideas

RPG 2D Action/Adventure Unnamed Project
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It's funny sometimes how one project you're working on can inspire new and completely different ideas, especially when the project you're working on is completely different and has unrelated game mechanics.

What originally started out as a 2D platformer is slowly evolving into a different game inside of my head, and the ideas I have for it are many and diverse. Sure, the genre has been done before, but I have several ideas to make it unique.

The game will no longer be about cubes, or even be a basic platformer. Instead, I'm going for a different idea all together, and I'm excited because I know I can do it: a 2D, sidescrolling platformer/action-adventure RPG.

You control a bumbling, inept, and ridiculously klutzy, very young Wizard, whose backstory shall remain in the depths of my head for now as I don't wish to give a lot away. He is the descendant of someone important, but again that shall all be revealed later. Perhaps I've already said too much!

The basics of the game are ones you would expect to find in any RPG game:
  • Class system
  • Magic/Hit Point/Stamina system
  • Attack/combat system
  • Level-up system
  • Item drops
  • Various other RPG-type things that we all love
So that's my new idea​, and I'll post some more on it later on. I just wanted to share some of my new plans, and possibly gain some encouragement. This will be quite the task, getting this made, but I've decided it's the game I truly want to make. Right now, I'm just starting the pre-production phase. I don't even have sketches drawn or anything like that yet, but I have a lot of notes and the basic story outlined, so we'll see how much further I get along!

Jun 22 2013 09:00 AM

Sadly I have had this happen before. However, most of these occurrences for me it has lead to projects laying unfinished as I move on to the next project, or feature creep for the current project.


Still there are some ideas are so empowering that they must be reviewed and processed. Therefore, good luck!

Jun 22 2013 10:38 AM

Same here, I've left many projects in the dust because a new idea comes along and I feel I must do it. 

However, that's different with this idea. There's just too many things about it that make me never want to leave it in the dust, and if some other idea does happen to come along later, I'll chuck that aside, rather than this project. :P

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