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Day 381 to Day 387 - Organizing Graphics & Development

4: Adsense

Sniper Game versus MMO development

Based on a few comments, I see that some people are getting a little concerned about the amount of discussion on the Sniper minigame in the DevBlogs, and not as much on the MMO. I can understand the concern. Rest assured, progress is being made on other MMO modules. Right now I’m focusing on the Military module. This week I worked through creating sub-units of units, creating and listing crews, and assigning officers to units. So, progress is being made, it just isn’t as visual as the sniper game, and still a lot of work to get completed. The sniper game on the other hand is in the last month and therefore has a lot more visuals to “show off”. So, on that note, so more about the sniper game.

Sniper Graphics Abound

Currently, I have 3 different artists creating work for the sniper game, as well as 2 developers working on the iOS and Flash versions of the game. So, part of my week, is making sure I’m keeping everyone on track. I have people working in the UK, Brazil and Canada.
Igor for the UK, has finished the background for the site. As it got near the end, I thought I would add some “cameos” with names of my family appearing in some of the ads. A lot of the details can’t be seen, but will be evident, once the sniper zoom is in play. Let me know what you think.

Posted Image

Now with the background done, Igor worked on an “innocent” person to pop-up in the sniper game as well.

Posted Image

Finally, he has begun work on a new background of more of a temporary military installation. Here is his first version.

Next I had Mike from Canada working on the first gun for the game. Here is the first draft of it.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Finally I have Rodrigo, from Brazil, who did the first cityscape, now working on the Scope View of the sniper miingame.

Sniper Game First screenshot

Well, there has been steady work done on the minigame. Working is being done simultaneously on both the iOS and Flash version. Here is the first screenshot of the Flash version.. Not much to look at, as I’m getting the visuals in the place in the next week or two.
Posted Image

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