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Day 608 to Day 613 – Surprising Results, Lead Artist, and more Economy

4: Adsense

Surprising Results
We have grown our newsletter to over 6,800, and have only used it once before to announce beta testing for WorldAlpha Sniper. Our last email provided fantastic results with over 1,000 beta testers in 24 hours. This time we used it to promote WorldAlpha Sniper being released, and it unfortunately had very little impact to downloads and purchases on the AppStore. I can’t quite figure out why. I thought that even at 1%, that there would be at least 68 additional purchases of the $1.99, instead as far as I can tell there has been no impact on sales. Wow! I can only hope that sign-ups for beta tester accounts for the launch of the MMO will have a better response.

Lead Artist
Well after going through 130 resumes and portfolios for our Lead Artist position, and doing 4 interviews, we have found the Lead Artist for WorldAlpha. We are very excited to have Serge join our team, and start this Monday. To give you an idea of the amazing art to expect from this artist take a look at what in produced in just 1 hour in his art test. He is going to make WorldAlpha look fantastic!

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More Economy Revealed
Well, the answer to last week economy contest is:
  • Clay
  • Cotton
  • Iron Ore
  • Oil
  • Silica
  • Timber
So, there were 2 winners with 4 of 6 correct, and they were Mark and Raymond. I will give each a promo code, and split the $10 between them.
One thing I should have clarified with the last contest, is that there are four food items. This week’s contest is guess what the four food items might be. I will again award a promo code for the full version of WorldAlpha Sniper and a $10 credit for EarthBucks once the game is launched.

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