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WorldAlpha DevBlog: Day 656 to Day 672: One Year Anniversary and Types of Government

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One Year Anniversary
Well, it was 1 year ago today that I this website WorldAlpha.com was started. It seemed early to a lot of people, but it proved to be a real crystallizer in terms of helping me think through the project, and making it a reality. I have enjoyed writing DevBlogs and getting people’s responses to the game, and hearing input from the community. In the past year over 8,000 people have signed up to be beta testers. A big thank you to all who have participated in the development of the game, and to the many more that will help beta test in the come weeks.

Types of Government
Well, we have finally confirmed the initial types of government that will be available in the game. There are as follows.
  • Anarchy - No Leaders
  • Democracy (Representative) - People select representatives
  • Gerontocracy - Oldest people rule
  • Meritocracy - Those with highest political power rule
  • Plutocrarcy - Those with the most money rule
  • Stratocracy - Military leader rule
  • Aristocracy - Rule by the best (highest experience)
Not on the list initially, but ones that we hope to add sooner than later are Direct Democracy where everyone votes for everything and Autocracy or Dictatorship. Next week we’ll let you know what a constitution will look like.

Alpha #2
This weekend beta testers having been testing out both the economy and the politics module and giving their feedback and letting us know about bugs. We have look forward to having hopefully a hundred or participate in the next alpha as we test out all three main modules including the military.

Citizen of the Week
The citizen of the week award goes to TitanSmath for create a the fan site at:
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Congrats TitanSmash and $10 in EarthBucks coming to you when the game begins. For the other entrants feel free to resubmit them as you continue to add content to them.

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