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Bidimensional Dreams

4: Adsense

DeepHive Corporation - Live on Greenlight!

Hey everyone,It took us way longer than we'd like it to, but here it is!DeepHive Corporation - Greenlight For those of you who didn't catch my last post, the game is
Any votes and shares are very welcome!Thank you!I intend on updating it in the next couple of weeks.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAqYYoZUbSI

Hi, long time no see, bringing project to light

Hi guys,For those of you who do not know me (i reckon something around the 99.9% of you), I am a professional game developer that was fairly active here around three years ago. Back then, I found a new Job in the game industry, and I have been mostly working on educational games for the last years. Today, I went back to College (graduating in the next yea...

Finally got hired!

Hello Again!

These last few days I've been under the radar, my poor blog probably feels really lonely right now, but there's a good reason.

I have sent my CV for a local studio in hopes of getting a full time job as a programmer in game development.
For my own surprise, they have actually called me two days after I sent it. Just a week after I sent my C...

Simple Animated Sprite with Löve2D (long one)

A guide to implement a usable animated sprite system and respective manager.
It goes from data serialization with Lua through the rendering of the many animations with an animated sprite and reuse of static data.


Please do check it out!
I made a video for this one:

Introduction to Löve2D

Just made another post on game development with Lua, a brief introduction to Löve2D.

It goes from rendering the basic hello world text to drawing an image at a given coordinate.
Really simple stuff actually, but we'll need this to make our lives easier when trying our hands on rendering animated sprites and tiled maps.

Make sure to take a look!


Lua Snippets

Hello Again,

After a lot of time w/o really coding anything and complete inactivity on my blog I'm coming back with a little more time on my hands.
Today, I've posted several Lua snippets in my blog, explaining a little about each one of them and important aspects of the language on each.

Take a look!


SDL_vault is now functional.

Hello Again,

Looks like it is all done now. I just did not create that automatic build (sorry about that). I really don't need this, I am just compiling the library along with my project; it is really small, that's easy to do.

So, the GitHub repo is here .

The documentation is available in PDF here . (edit: Moved from Dropbox to Google Drive)

It is re...

SDL_vault, an asset loading helper (Updated)


Added an automatic FreeUnused system. It can be configured with the Vault Classes' constructors (last parameter) or by calling SetAutoFree( unsigned long ) manually. To use this, you need to pass SDL_INIT_TIMER to a call of SDL_Init() . We also need to Initialize the Video and Audio portions of SDL, as well as initialize SDL_image and SDL_mi...

Little Game Programming Love [LGPL]

My latest post is about the LGPL license.
This has little to do with programming, but appeals to the paranoiac lawyer inside of us.


YAML Parsing

Hello Again,

I have just made a mega-post on how to parse YAML with C++ using yaml-cpp.
It goes a little about YAML syntax as well.

It was supposed to be an article here at GD.net, but I was having too many problems with the editor...
So I decided to post it to my blog first, and let the fight against lost formatting for later.

It will probably be comi...