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Learning how to draw

Posted by , 14 December 2011 · 461 views

I finished some more lessons on a website dedicated to teaching how to draw called drawspace. Very helpful and effective website.

Posted Image
b04 by sirkibble2, on Flickr

My first illusion ever. Definitely fun to draw.

The next lesson was blind contour drawing. Extremely difficult.

Posted Image
b05 by sirkibble2, on Flickr

The next lesson was a lesson in shading but I haven't fully completed that one yet so I moved on to a lesson drawing a gremlin with shading techniques. This was a lot of fun and one of my better drawings. Ever.

Posted Image
b06 by sirkibble2, on Flickr

The last current lesson I did was a lesson on seeing shapes within an object; in this case, a dog. I think I did okay on the actual drawing but when I tried to shade it, it was terrible. I gave up on the shading part. I didn't get it.

Posted Image
b08 by sirkibble2, on Flickr

It's all drawing but it's one of the ways I can improve my chances into getting the industry--by improving my skills.

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