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OpenChess 1.0 Completed + Video!

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OpenChess 1.0 is now complete! Well, I still need to finish making my own graphics for the pieces before a download is released. However, I did shoot a quick video showing off OpenChess, and how you can make your own mini-games, and more. I’m excited to have a finished product done, programming wise! You can check out my video below.


I’m currently in the planning stage for the RPG game, and hope to have something to show within a month from now. I’m looking at keep this game simple for now, and then possibly building on the structure already established once my goals are complete. The art work will be the most time consuming factor, but I’m looking forward to the challenge! Regardless of the concept art I’ve done, I’m still looking at revising some creatures, and maybe the boss.

My next entry will most likely have the download for OpenChess 1.0, including some screen shots, or detailed concepts for the RPG title!

Twitter: @Black_Rook_Dev

Jan 07 2012 07:22 PM
Awesome, keep rooking :)
Jan 08 2012 10:58 PM
Thanks! :)
Jan 09 2012 07:38 AM
Nice dude! It's always fun to create projects like these that are feature complete and look good.

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