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Classic RPG #1 - Task 6 (Item Sprites Shown)

Posted by , in Classic RPG #1 11 October 2012 · 1,711 views

It's now time to set the goals for Task 6!!! I'm looking to have all weapons and armor types equip able, along with items useable through the inventory screen. The loot system will be fully functional as well.

I've done a few "simple" sprites for the following items:

Bronze Sword
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Wooden Shield
Tower Shield
Magic Shield
Bronze Armor
Iron Armor
Steel Armor

Posted Image

I just have HP / MP / Anti Poison Potions, Teleport Tablet, Key, and Gold Coins to do.

Task 6 Goals:
  • Equip Weapons and Armor
  • Use Items
  • Loot System Programmed

Stay tuned!

Thats cool! I love to see simple RPG sprites, It feels good to put your hands to work and see it coming to reality. (:
Lots of work, Black-Rook, but you must start somewhere!

All Sprites

Very nice sprite work man! I'm looking forward to seeing them and the new systems in place.
Thanks for the replies. I'm going to make another video this weekend with Task 6 complete. So you will be able to kill the Yeti for loot! :)
Great work BR, I would just say i'd maybe add more colour to the swords to make them easy to identify. I hope I get to try your game in the future. Will it run on a Mac? Or maybe I can emu it :-)
Looking good! Another good way to differentiate swords would be to change the hilt a little bit.
Thanks for the comments. I'm not looking to change the look of the swords, everything will have text descriptions. My monitor clearly shows a difference in each sword, but either way it's just programmer art. Posted Image

I might just use Prinz suggestion before it's all final.
What I'm viewing is slightly tonal variations of the swords. One appears heavily reddish or pinkish. The others are slightly different achromatic browns. Like "Prinz Eugn," the hafts and guards can be changed. The color, however, might be a better identifier, like the blue-purple shield. For a fantasy game, even the blades can change some too! Like a curving blade or a proto-blade with one cutting side.

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