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A Keyboard and the Truth

4: Adsense

Revise. Test. Revise. Test.

So MW has had no shortage of bugs, but we expected this, it is impossible to imagine a game as large as MW without bugs.

Thankfully bug fixes have been fairly painless, and they seem to be growing less.

Here is the first draft of the proposed CD Art that will be on the physical version of MW:
(the text and the rest of the info on the disc needs...

Beta Version 3.5 Released

So, Finally released beta version 3.5 which fixes lots and lots of issues present in 3.4

I would like to take a moment to note that,

PixeledRain For being the first tester to complete Morning's Wrath.

We don't have an accurate hour-count, but he recieved the demo on the 25th of july and completed the game on the 4th of august, with what seemes...


So some people lately have been wondering where all the screenshots are =)

Somone who has been following the project since it surfaced on GDNet should have noticed that the majority of screenshots appeared during both the map design and scripting phase.

I would say 'almost' all of the areas in the game have been seen (in part) through the screenshots...


So, we have made a decision to stop external testing.

Mainly because we are not getting what we hopped out of it.
We found most testers to be extreamly under-zealous, yet more than willing to bash us, as if the free beta copy they were playing was actually the Final 'I-paid-30-bucks-for' copy.

So the majority of testing on the MW will continue as...


Was slightly inspired, but it's not all that good.

To the tune of, In the hall of the mountain king

My new game it will be great!
I'm a noob!
Cannot wait!

My new game will be so great - you all will want to play!

First I des-ign every-thing!
Swords, Bracelets!
Helms and Rings!

Anything you want to do - you can do in my game!!!!

It will have a million...