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A Keyboard and the Truth

4: Adsense

Testing Day 1

Yesterday saw the start of some external testing, starting with one existing non-gdnet member (who turned out to be the best tester in the last round), and two new gdnet testers, RobLoach and Seriema.

So far most things have gone on without a hitch, but there were a few minor things:

1. I forgot to include the adaptors in the zip, so i had to...

The time has come!

Good Morning Everyone =)

I am pleased to announce that Morning's Wrath is now done and ready for testing.

So, when I say Done what do I mean?

It means that all of the development phase of MW is complete, there is no more new scripting or programing to do.

However, there are still potential bugs to fix and improvements/revisions that can be made.

So, MW...

Stop. Dev Time!

I am sure everyone will be pleased to hear, that i am taking next week off work (vacation), and will be devoting it to R&R and MW.

lets go to the chart shall we?


That gives me, 8 Days of PRIME developing time! plus two more - half days (friday night and sunday morning).

Now, if any of you are saying (gee. with...

The perfect intro

So finally after about 5 revisions(all of which didin't gel with me) I have the final Intro Document, which has all of the text needed for the intro.

IMO it is really good, but I am not going to spoil anyone with it. You will just have to wait till you get the full version of the game =D

Making sure everything is on track

Finally decided to get a very concrete breakdown of our proposed payment flow on paper.

As you can see, primary gross payment is split into two (I get half, since I wrote the engine, did most of the shell programming, managed the team, did 90% of the in-game graphics, all of the 3D and 2D animation, and a good amount of scripting and designing)