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A Keyboard and the Truth

The time has come!

Posted by , 11 July 2005 - - - - - - · 109 views

Good Morning Everyone =)

I am pleased to announce that Morning's Wrath is now done and ready for testing.

So, when I say Done what do I mean?

It means that all of the development phase of MW is complete, there is no more new scripting or programing to do.

However, there are still potential bugs to fix and improvements/revisions that can be made.

So, MW is now in the final Testing and Quality Assurance phase!

This phase will last for at least 3 weeks, but may be longer depending on it's outcome, we are comitted to providing the best, bug free game that we can, so more time spent during this phase insures a better end product.

So who will be testing you ask?
We will have aproximately 8 testers, and I will contact them directly, so, if you have been chosen to be a tester you will find out soon enough. I appologize to everyone who wanted to test but does not get the chance. Our aim is to keep the game under tight wrap until it's release, and if we had everyone play it now, noone would likely want to play it later (it's fun for replay, but, let's be serious, done is done =D)

I will continue to give updates on my journal here, and probably talk about the bugs we encounter and other challenges and sucesses.

Additional Info(minor gameplay spoilers):

So, I was actually 'really' playing MW for the first time yesterday, so I got a six pack of coke and decided to get down to it.

I did not expect to enjoy it, why you ask? Because I know exactly everything that needs to be done and have played most parts of the game already, but somthing I did not expect threw me for a loop.

So, I guided morning through the begining of the game, and found myself standing at the well, the point where the game goes full non-linear, I realized that I had been paying attention to the story and for a time had lost myself in it, having done most of the dialogue I knew everything that would be said, but now it played out rather nicely in proper sequence.

So, from there I went down into the lost region, and soon realize that was a bad move. Without the powers of god mode to help me I was no match for the enemies down there, what with only having my two magic runes. So I sneaked into the city hall, and did the bell puzzle.

I ran 'quickly' back to the ruined atrium and deposited my artifact into the well and leveled-up, I distributed my points and then went back to the great hall, then I went up to the first castle level, and was engaged by some foot soldiers and war wolves, they were fairly easy to defeat. I managed to rescue one civilian, in exchange for an agility potion (ooh!) but that was all I dared venture for the present, I spent some time taking out lesser enemies and avoiding big ones, working on leveling myself, and finding better items, I didint even dream of going up to the third level, or back to the Lost Region.

That took me about two hours, so I saved my game and quit =D

I really enjoyed the gameplay, it reminded me a bit of diablo, but, it seemed to have much more than diablo, what with the story, and civilian rescue, spell creation, and puzzles; as well as stat balancing and battle that is very remenicant of diablo.

I will likely play some more tonight =)

Stop. Dev Time!

Posted by , 01 July 2005 - - - - - - · 66 views

I am sure everyone will be pleased to hear, that i am taking next week off work (vacation), and will be devoting it to R&R and MW.

lets go to the chart shall we?


That gives me, 8 Days of PRIME developing time! plus two more - half days (friday night and sunday morning).

Now, if any of you are saying (gee. with all that time maybe the game will be finished when he comes back!) you just might be right, a lot depends on many things (how I am feeling, zac's participation during this week, weather(it effects things!(I find overcast-misty/rainy days are best for development, YMMV)).

All in all I can guarentee one thing, the second beta will begin once I return from vacation, or sooner.

It would be great if everyone interested in MW, cheers us on for this week, it would be a great confidence booster to see all the people who are interested.

Whee, T - 3 Hours till development splurge!

The perfect intro

Posted by , 30 June 2005 - - - - - - · 49 views

So finally after about 5 revisions(all of which didin't gel with me) I have the final Intro Document, which has all of the text needed for the intro.

IMO it is really good, but I am not going to spoil anyone with it. You will just have to wait till you get the full version of the game =D

Making sure everything is on track

Posted by , 28 June 2005 - - - - - - · 73 views

Finally decided to get a very concrete breakdown of our proposed payment flow on paper.

As you can see, primary gross payment is split into two (I get half, since I wrote the engine, did most of the shell programming, managed the team, did 90% of the in-game graphics, all of the 3D and 2D animation, and a good amount of scripting and designing)

All members except for jenna get two profit shares, Jenna gets one, because she was originaly designated to do the 3D character modeling/texturing and the animation and rendering, however, we found that she wouldnt have time to do the animating and rendering, so, we droped that from her tasks but at the cost of a share (it's is a really tough job animating and rendering, and was worth an extra share in my mind)

As you can see our target is 5,000 units sold at $30.00 per unit, hopefully we can make that, if so, it will be a great success, and will surely help fuel our next endevor, both psycologically and finacialy.

Here's hoping =D

Final Boss Model

Posted by , 27 June 2005 - - - - - - · 95 views

Here is the final iteration of the final boss.
He has alreay been animated and rendered (took 4 hours to render, gah)

In other news:
*map9 and 10 spawners are in
*redid Leowyn Royal Soldier
some characters still pending, hoping to knock them off this week.

planning this weekend to script the final battle with zac, if all goes well, testing could be as near as next week.

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