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A Keyboard and the Truth

4: Adsense

Decided this was worth diagraming

Somone needed help with the concept of, allowing functions to execute sequentially over real-time without blocking the rest of the game.

fun =)


So the last three days have been...interesting.

In my pursuit to get a save-game mechanisim working, I found that somthing I fixed a while ago (which was to actually making saving games easier) didn't quite work well.

The Scripting Engine:

our scripting engine allows for multiple scripts to be running at once (synched though). When one runs a...


So, what have I been doing lately? (I hear nobody in particular ask)

Well, mainly I have been at work(real work) working on the game I am developing for them. But in my free time (~6 hours each night Monday->Friday and most of the day Saturday and Sunday),
I have been working on Morning's Wrath.

(When is Morning's Wrath gonna be fricken...

Finally =D

After a long weekend of work,

all of morning's actions have been animated and rendered.

here is a shot of Morning's 'emotion sheet'

Research, blah.

Finally getting somewhere,

been doing research on how best to implement expressive motions into our primary characters.

The basic idea is to use an 'emotion' sheet, this sheet, contains 8 'emotions' each one frame long, and each with it's proper direction.

"one frame!?" I hear you say, well, we could animate everything but this would lead to...