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Revel Immortal 0.8 Alpha is out

Revel Immortal
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Greetings all!

Revel Immortal 0.8 Alpha update is out, and notably adds local region maps and fast travel.


Maps are represented as a 1 pixel per tile, or 1:16 ratio.

Garranshall is composed of 80x80 maps, of 40x40 tiles each; this means the map of garranshall is 3200x3200 pixels.

Around the map you can find markers which allow you to fast-travel to these locations.

Most of the markers so far are present and travelable in Garranshall from the start of the game; this is only because it is assumed that Morning would know locations of castle Iridine and Garranshall quite well.

By default unless explicitly learned about, or discovered first-hand map markers are not present. When locations are learned of second-hand, the markers are shown but are not fast-travellable until arrived at manually.

Jun 26 2013 12:08 PM

I went to the site and tried to reset my password but it kept saying that it was invalid.


A way to turn the music off

Add a way to return to the login screen if you select "forgot password"



Tried 2 times with the "forgot password" and after using the reset email all I got was "Invalid Information"

This may need to be bug tested.


* I found the Music Toggle at the bottom. Still it is small and a Music Off or Mute Music would be more understandable / easier to find.

Jun 26 2013 12:24 PM

Hi Navyman,


I just ran through the reset password routine and it checked out for me, but let's see if we can figure out whats causing you trouble.

For each time you request a reset, an e-mail will be sent out for you.

If you request a reset more than once, it generated a secret id for each request.

So you clicked the link in the e-mail you recieved, and it said 'invalid information'


that is indicitive of the shared secret between your e-mail and the server not lining up.

Could you forward me the e-mail you recieved (raymond@edigames.com) I want to see if it got particularly mangled some-how.




I can see there is an outstanding token request for change of password on your account; so I would guess the request isnt getting fully formed from your email client to the website.


Jun 26 2013 01:03 PM

Thank you for looking into this fast.

Jun 26 2013 02:34 PM

Okay had a few minutes to play the newest update and I think I found a few bugs that you may want to fix.

If you go up to a sentry and ask to see his goods you can take his lead bits.

If you ask him again he now has 2 lead bits which you can take.

I repeated this until I had a full inv of lead bits, because each time I asked him he has 1 more lead bits then he had the time before.

Also if you have the music toggled off it seems to randomly turn back on and I have not found a way to turn it back off. :(


I will play some more later and see if I find more things.

Jun 26 2013 02:48 PM



The npc inventory stuff is highly in-dev at the moment; I was actually unware that it got into the 0.8 build via another developer; so I would pay it no mind at this point :)

The music toggle option is only applicable to the main-menu; there is no way to toggle the music in-game at this time.

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